How to pack gourmet cookies

Add the word “gourmet” to almost any food label and expectations grow. Gourmet cookies, in particular, have an ethyl promising a sensational taste, ingredients better than average and artistic packaging that stands out from the rest. If you’re ready to package gourmet cookies, either by hobby, a new business or to send a gift that shows you put time and effort into their preparation, consider the tips in this article to make sure your baked goods look delicious and elegant to reach their final destination.

gourmet cookies


Learn the fundamental rule of gourmet cookies sent before: always protect your biscuits plans with at least two layers of packaging to safeguard shipping damage and look delicious delicacies and whole when received.

Invest in dazzling crackers containers to show that your cookies are not common. See links business websites gourmet cookies to evaluate and appreciate a variety of decorative packaging ideas: paper bags and fabric, foil, containers polymethylmethacrylate, decorated cans, glass jars, cake boxes, boxes preprinted gift, plastic tubes and other containers innovators. Think of something original small considering flower boxes, kids lunch boxes, jars and vases if you want a unique result.

Wrap delicate cookies before putting them in the decorative container. Wrap the largest individually with plastic wrap before placing them in the container or bag you have chosen. Stack delicate cookies before putting them in the tubes tight. Groups gourmet cookies pastry sheets or tissue paper. Think of the visuals and practice when making the envelope inside the package of cookies, to receive as much protection in decorative packaging.

Arrange cookies artistically wrapped unwrapped or individually in their bag and decorative boxes (see the recommendations of the second step), filling each container with cookies as much as possible while you make sure there is no risk of breakage if you include too many. Add baking paper or cellophane to fill the space where no biscuits.

Fill a corrugated outer box has twice the size of the container you chose for your box. Place biscuits on decorative container outer box with packing materials chosen: Styrofoam balls, air bags, tissue paper, newspaper pieces, popcorn, chunks of recycled paper and gift or cuts cardboard container for holding cookies and keep them in place during travel. Gently tap the outer box is filled once content to settle and adjust. Add extra padding and then pregnant the box to prepare it for transportation of your choice or delivery service.