What fruits are good for diabetes?

The National Library of Medicine U.S. says diabetes occurs due to high blood glucose levels. The pancreas no longer produces enough insulin or uses for the body to function properly. Without enough insulin, high glucose levels remain in the bloodstream. Diet plays a major role in controlling the levels of blood glucose, so people maintain a nutritionally dense diet. Many diabetics think they can not eat fruits when they are diagnosed as diabetics, but many fruits are good for diabetes because they have a low sugar content.

diabetics fruit

Natural News cites a study of health and nutrition examination national took place between 1999 and 2004. The study found that apples are fruits good for diabetes because they help prevent diseases that cause metabolic syndrome, including diabetes. Many study participants noted an increase of symptoms 24 hours after eating apples. The paws reduced inflammation associated with diabetes and heart disease. According to Nutrition Data, apples have 38 on the glycemic index, the index used to determine how the foods affect blood sugar levels.

The grapefruit with a glycemic index of 25, are fruits good for diabetes because it decreases the blood sugar levels naturally. The study of action for diabetes and the Foundation for Education states that none of the ingredients of grapefruit seem to hamper insulin production. The fresh grapefruit juice works best due to its slow conversion rate in the body.

Oranges are fruits with a low glycemic index of 48 and are also good for diabetics. The food healthier world, produced by George Mateljan Foundation, says that fiber and vitamin C found in oranges controls blood sugar levels. Oranges, low fat snack may be part of a healthy diet that controls or reduces weight, one of the risk factors for diabetics.

Bitter Melon
Fruit juice found in bitter melon has been used as a remedy diabetes in Asia, Africa and South America. The Diabetes Health says bitter melons are fruits good for diabetes because natural ingredients decrease blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. It also concludes that the bitter melon helps the body’s tissues absorb glucose. However, Holistic Online says consuming bitter melon juice causes stomach pain and diarrhea and children with hypoglycemia may experience blood sugar levels extremely high.

The American Diabetes Association says that bananas have a bad reputation for having a lot of sugar or calories. However, these fruits are good for diabetes because they really have a lot of sugar, which will not raise blood glucose levels. As a low-fat dish, help diabetics to maintain or lose weight. Bananas contain potassium, reducing the sodium in the body.