fried mussels

If you served as a small appetizer fried mussels with fresh baguettes, the amount is sufficient for 3 servings. For the main course one expects about 1 kg of mussels per serving. Mussels under running water and brush thoroughly. Already necessarily throw open mussels. Bring a large saucepan of water to boil. Mussels in the boiling water and cook for 5-8 minutes until the shells have opened.


Pour mussels into a colander and discard any mussels that are now closed. The mussel meat from the shells and remove to drain on paper towels. Peel onion and cut into very fine dice. Red peppers in half, freeing of white skins and seeds and dice finely. Mussel meat on a plate set, sprinkle with flour and shake the plate by gently turn the flour. So that the butter does not burn as quickly, it is heated in a pan with olive oil. Add mussels and at high temperature until golden brown.

Reduce heat, add onions and red peppers and saute briefly. Season with pepper, salt and crushed garlic. Flat-leaf parsley cut into strips and sprinkle on just before serving the fried clams. Lemon into wedges. fried mussels with lemon wedges on serving plates and serve with fresh baguette.


¤ 1 kg Mussels
¤ 1 Onions
¤ 1 Peppers, red
¤ 2 tablespoons Flour
¤ 20 g Butter
¤ 1 tbsp Olive oil
¤ Pepper, salt
¤ Garlic
¤ 2 tablespoons Parsley, smooth
¤ 1 / 2 Lemons

Serves 3 – 373 cal per serving, 20 mins Prep – 20 mins Total