How to make poached eggs with vinegar

The poached eggs bring us images of the Benedictine delicious eggs with soft yolk fair amount of dripping on a crispy toasted English. Prepare them using vinegar to help clear to have an attractive, following the advice of the website Help with cooking (help with cooking). Please note that to achieve a finish like this, the water should be boiling at the right point and eggs should be fresh and cooked at the right temperature. Pay attention to this and there is no reason for not like your eggs poached in the eye and the palate of your little ones.

eggs poached



Pour at least 3 inches of cold water in a medium sized pot. Add a pinch of salt and heat the water to 180 degrees F. Leave it to simmer .

Party each egg in a different container. Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in the water to simmer . Pour the eggs into the water, holding the bowl as close to the water as possible without burning your fingers, as the website advises Help with cooking (help with cooking).
Move the clear near the yolks with the skimmer. Cook the eggs without moving around the pot. Keep simmer no more than 3 minutes and a half and not less than 2 minutes and a half.

Take each egg with slotted spoon. Leave drain excess water before serving them.