Eggplant sticks recipe

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Category: Snacks and tapas
Difficulty: Easy

-2 large Eggplant ones 600 g
-2glasses of water
-1glass vinegar

eggplant sticks.

-1head of garlic
-Sunflower and olive oil 1glass

-The vessel is a glass of water
-1Glass stoppered jar

The Eggplant Peel and start them first to fat slices and these slices into strips about 2 cm, strips leave them by half.
We put them well salt and leave them as 30 minutes, so they release the bitterness, spent the time spent by the water jet you and put them to drain.

In a pot put the two glasses of water and vinegar begins to boil pour eggplants and leave them to cook for 5 or 6 minutes no more.

We put them to drain.
The head of garlic peel it and make the pieces, put them in the glass Blender, a splash of vinegar, add salt, pepper, and oil (put 2 fingers of olive oil and the rest up to the glass of sunflower in a glass) put in place until it is as a locked but not thick sauce (is liquid).

The boat put layer of Eggplant, a little oregano, garlic blended with oil, another layer of Eggplant, oregano… etc ended up with oil the Eggplant is us well plugged oil. We close the pot and the fridge until the evening or the following day.

We serve it with normal bread, which can be a blow of oven but that not be toast only that it is a little tiesito.