Eating pizza after exercise

When you are hungry after exercise and on your way home, you may be tempted to stop at a business of pizza. After burn calories during the exercise, your body craves calories, carbohydrates and proteins, and the pizza looks like a good option. But before buying a portion of your favorite pizza, consider how your eating habits affect your post-exercise efforts. The pizza may delay your results rather than help your recovery.

Eating pizza

Nutritional information for the pizza
Eating pizza is a healthy decision shortly after exercise. A pepperoni pizza slice has 250 calories and huge 10 grams of fat, 4.5 g of them are saturated. While the pizza is a good carbohydrate source with 27 g, often they are refined and nutrients were extracted for easier digestion. With meat and cheese toppings, you can expect 10 to 14 g of protein. Compared with fat and calories, protein and carbohydrates hardly compensate for the inherent nature unhealthy pizza.

Indulge yourself with a slice of pizza after exercise once in a while will not harm your body, but will not be a beneficial option for your health. Moreover, the high-calorie pizza void your calorie burn during exercise, making your physical progress is slower, particularly if you are hoping to lose weight. Instead of eating pizza, looking for something healthier, with less fat and fewer calories, such as whole wheat pasta with chicken, rice, meat and vegetables or protein shake.

Post-exercise nutrition
After exercise, glycogen stores your body down. Glycogen is responsible for the storage and issuance of carbohydrates so that your body has power. This is what you need to recharge with foods rich in carbohydrates to replenish energy sources after a strenuous exercise. If you participated in weight training or other muscle activity, your muscles produce microscopic droplets as part of the process. Eating protein will help you feed your muscles with amino acids they need to repair themselves and become stronger.

Healthy Pizza
When it is post-exercise nutrition, not all pizzas are created equal. While a greasy slice of pizza purchased slows your progress, a portion of homemade pizza with the items listed can help get you back after training without adhering unnecessary calories. For example, the pizza made ​​of wheat or thin crust, covered with sauce tomato , sautéed vegetables and lean chicken can be an alternative to satisfy your craving healthy pizza.