Easter buns

You have had the opportunity to test them, and do this recipe, you find that they are the same both in texture and flavor… is incredible!

When vi recipe in this magnificent blog “from the view to the palate”, put me hands to work, because I’ve made several recipes from it and all have been perfect, so I encourage you to try them. I put the recipe such which have mentioned blog to leave no doubts.

Easter buns

Ingredients: (12 units)
-175 Gr. of olive oil.
-5 gr. of sesame.
-5 gr. Green aniseed (anise).
-50 Gr. of sugar.
-500 g of flour.
-30 Gr. fresh yeast.
-10 grams of powdered cinnamon.
-8 grams of salt.
-100 gr. of whole and raw almonds.
-200 c.c. of water
-Sugar for batter

FRY, in olive oil, the Sesame and green anise, taking care not to burn them. Remove from heat and let cool.
Place all the ingredients in a bowl next to the already cold oil, except the whole almonds, and knead thoroughly.
Then, form a few doughnuts about 80 grams, making first a ball that we crush and then with the thumb will make the center hole.

Coat them in sugar soaked beforehand. Place the almonds by clicking them on the ground.

Distribution in the oven plate covered with foil and bake fermented until doubled its volume (takes some time because the mass is high in fat).

Bake at 200 ° C. unos12-14 minutes.
Cool on wire rack.