Cookies double chocolate

For chocolate lovers these cookies are indispensable, are delicious, certainly can not go through the blogs and see recipes for cookies, am a Goya, the copy all and sooner or more I do them, can not have empty cookie tins, a Vice.
The recipe could not be of another blog, “My favorite recipes”, I love, your blog is wonderful and cookies or I tell you, they are very good, the only change that I made, that will surely change the flavor a lot, but it is that there are no peanut butter nuggets, has been replace with white chocolate chips, I know that it is not the same, but yet they are luxury, if you find those of mani replaced by white (put 280 Gr.) and ready.

double chocolate

-280 Gr. flour
-70 Gr. cocoa powder unsweetened
-3 GR. baking type Royal (baking powder) (1 teaspoon)
-4 g salt
-300 Gr. sugar
-250 gr. butter at room temperature unsalted
-2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
-2 eggs (100 grs. approx)
-70 Gr. dark chocolate nuggets
-70 Gr. White chocolate chips

1. Mix the flour, cocoa, salt and powder, baking, and book.
2. Beat the manquilla with the sugar until very creamy. Add one one the eggs and vanilla. Beat very well.
3 Slowly add flour mixture until it is all very well integrated. (With the electric mixer does very well. Now the last part of flour if the machine works forced, use a wooden paddle)
4. Add peanut butter chips and chocolate. Mix with a spoon or paddle until they are integrated.
5. Place teaspoons with some separation between them on a tray, cover with waxed paper or a sheet of silicone paper or use a nonstick pan. (I use medium-size ice cream scoop to make all equal cookies)
6. Wear a preheated oven at 180 C for 8 to 9 minutes. (I let them 13 minutes).
7 Remove from oven and place carefully on a grid. They will still be very soft to remove them from the oven, once cool take the proper consistency.

These photos have not gone very well but I hope you like them. Kisses, chocolates.