Date-almond meringue

Use the date-almond meringues with fresh eggs as possible. Separate the eggs and egg whites give a fat-free dish. The egg whites with an electric mixer / whisk egg whites until stiff. It can sprinkle in the sugar slowly. Season with a pinch of salt and lemon juice.


Add chopped almonds and egg whites to stiff raise. Dates, seed and cut into very small pieces. Also mix well with the beaten egg whites. Set with a teaspoon of small piles on a baking paper-lined baking sheet. While leaving some space between the date-almond meringue. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees about 20 minutes on the middle rack, bake until a light brown color shows.

The cookies with the paper draw from the baking sheet and let cool. Fresh taste Date-almond meringue on top. Then they are still a bit crunchy. The next day they are a little softer, which does not affect the taste though.


¤ 2 Protein
¤ 140 g Sugar
¤ Salt
¤ 1 / 2 tsp Lemon juice
¤ 140 g Almonds, chopped
¤ 140 g Dates, dried

25 servings – 76 calories per serving, 15 mins Prep – 45 mins Total