Cups mascarpone custard and coffee flan

The base of the stand is a cake mold and below a white pot, both IKEA.

Eguski mascarpone cheese flan
(In Mercadona plastic cups took me 18:)
-500 gr. mascarpone cheese
-250 ml of milk.
-2 envelopes of curd
-180 Gr. of sugar
-1/2 litre of cream to mount
-Candy liquid for mould

coffee flan

Thermomix preparation:
We put all the ingredients into the bowl of the TH mix 10 sec. Vel. 4
We schedule 10 min. temp. 100th in vel. 3
We take in the caramelized mold, let cool to temp. environment and get to the refrigerator until set.

Traditional preparation:
Mix sugar and cheese very well.
Add the cream, 200 ml. of milk and simmering between stirring often.
When it begins to boil removed from the fire and add dissolved in 50 ml. of milk curd.
Return to the fire and when it boils, remove from heat and pour the mixture into a caramelized mold.
Let cool to room temperature and put in the refrigerator, leaving it to curdle.

Coffee flan
(19 cups of Mercadona)
-1 liter cream
-1 package of Royal flan
-1/2 cup strong coffee concentrate

Put in jar cream, the envelope of Royal flan and coffee.
Program 7 minutes, 3 speed, temperature 100 °.
It caramelizes with envelope of caramel that leaves you in the flan, a Crown mold, and carefully check the flan.
Leave to cool.