Almond crusted sugar muffins

Today I come with traditional recipe, cupcakes, muffins, malena (as we call les here)… whatever are very rich traditional sweets that sometimes we forget that we have after the invasion of foreign candy (eye which I also like)

I don’t know if I’ve had since I still photo camera once you decide to commit suicide mine, but thanks to the invaluable collaboration of my Navy aide who has given me his pink camera (although it says how see you a scratch and don’t see it more) I have been able to photograph these “malenas”.

Almond crusted sugar muffins

Looking for homemade recipes I found this in illusions color pastel, click to see your recipe. , to see who refuses to make them, at this rate I’m going to go down the street to go to work rulando.

I like to cut them and eat me first bottom and leave for the final crust of sugar and ti?

Copied to illusions color cake recipe.


for 12 cupcakes (the mine were small and he left me some more)
parentheses (I put my modifications)
-180 Gr. flour pastry.
-180 Gr. of sugar.
-3 medium eggs (I put 2 xl)
-2 tablespoons of vanilla sugar (I put 2 sachets)
-190 ml. of mild olive or sunflower oil.
-60 ml. whole milk.
-1 sachet of yeast Royal type.
-30 Gr. of ground almonds.
-1 tablespoon zest of Orange (zest of 1 orange)
-Half a teaspoon of salt (I a pinch)
-Sugar for sprinkling on top.


In a robot or rod mixer beat eggs with normal sugar and the vanilla until they are sparkling and begin to whiten, about 4 minutes.

Average speed and stirring constantly will adding the milk and oil slowly (to measure it using a bottle when my girls were small that it going very well).

Add the sifted flour, salt and yeast and mix with outflanking. Finally add the ground almonds and orange zest.

Cover the mixture with cling film and reserve a two hours in the refrigerator so that the dough is fluffy and with more flavor (I did mass at 8 in the morning and left in the refrigerator until lunch time that I returned home).

We Preheat oven 180 ยบ heat up, down and air.
Fill the capsules of paper which we placed in a mold of muffins or flaneras, up to 2/3 of its capacity.(I think that I spent filter).

We sprinkle with a little sugar (if you like the crust of sugar have to be genres @ and put enough) to cupcakes on top, for crispy crust.

We put the tray in the oven the magdalena and bake for 20 minutes. approx (very important do not open the oven at least in the first 15 minutes).

We check by poking with a stick of wood to find out if they are made, if it comes out clean, whether we can stop the oven and remove the tray.

Estefania’s Council:
When removing them from the oven, we put up our Cupcakes in the mold of steel 5 min, remove them and transfer to a wire rack until cool. Bon profit!