Crunchy fresh tastes best prepared. It is much more aromatic than ready-made granola mixes packs. You can prepare the crunchy but also in the evening, let cool completely and pour into a jar with a screw cap. The next morning, shake the jar vigorously once the best, so that the crunchy loosens again. It tastes very good with fresh organic milk, sour milk, yog hurt or Quark. Coarse oatmeal with coconut and sunflower seed mix. Hazelnuts and almonds on a large chopping board and chop coarsely give a sharp kitchen knife. Add chopped nuts to oatmeal mixture to give. Add golden flaxseed and mix well.


The coated cereal mixture into a large skillet, and without adding fat as long dry fry until the nuts begin to smell. While the crunchy stir constantly with a wooden spoon and reduce the temperature in time for the nuts are not so dark quickly. Add raisins, turn off the stove and use the residual heat. Dried apricots into small cubes, as shown in the picture above, cut and mixed with the crunchy. Add honey and stir well with the crunchy. The honey was not above 40 ° are heated so that the valuable nutrients are not destroyed. The muesli with unsweetened vanilla powder (flavor) and some cinnamon spice.

Not too much cinnamon to use, so it does not taste bitter. If the honey has melted, can remove the pan from the oven and let cool completely crunchy. Only after cooling, the crunchy granola is crisp. If you full the crunchy too early in a glass and closes, it becomes soft. Then you have to warm it before using it again briefly in the pan and allow to cool again, so again it is crispy.


¤ 100 g Oatmeal, coarse
¤ 25 g Desiccated coconut
¤ 25 g Sunflower seeds
¤ 25 g Hazelnuts
¤ 25 g Almonds
¤ 5 TL gold Linseed, gold
¤ 50 g Raisins
¤ 50 g Apricots, dried
¤ 1 tbsp Honey
¤ 1 tsp Vanilla powder, unsweetened
¤ Cinnamon

Serves 3 – 486 cal per serving, 15 mins Prep – 30 mins Total