Crispy Chicken Wings

Crispy chicken wings are baked in the oven crispy and brown, but still be juicy. You can party as well as quick and easy recipe to prepare in large quantities. Crispy Chicken Wings are cheap and delicious. As meaty chicken wings, rinse briefly under running water and dry with kitchen paper. If you use frozen chicken wings, they should leave on time, preferably overnight, thaw in the refrigerator. For the chicken leg put in a colander, cover with a plate and place on a dish, so that the thaw will be collected.


The thaw has to be thrown away and should not be used. Preheat the oven to 200 ° fan first. Pour olive oil into a clean bowl and strong with pepper, salt, paprika, chili powder and a few drops hot pepper sauce or Tabasco spice substitute. Peel the garlic, pressing through the garlic press and mix with the olive oil. The chicken wings carefully around the brush with spiced oils and place on a baking sheet. Crispy Chicken Wings, first at 200 ° convection on the middle rack for about 20 minutes so that they will do and do not brown too much.

Turn chicken wings with barbecue tongs or a spatula once. Only then will the temperature at 220 ° for browning the chicken wings and increase in about 20 minutes until crispy golden brown, like to see in the picture above. Crispy Chicken Wings during baking now and then brush them with the spiced oils drained. 10 minutes before end of cooking, not the brush on chicken wings, so they are crispy.


¤ 1 kg Chicken wings
¤ 3 tablespoons Olive oil
¤ Chicken wings
¤ Olive oil
¤ Pepper, salt
¤ Paprika
¤ Chili powder
¤ Hot Pepper Sauce
¤ Garlic

Serves 3 – 274 cal per serving, 15 mins Prep – 45 mins Total