Smoked without cooking salmon cake recipe

Portions / number of people: 6/8
Preparation time: 20. minutes
Cooking time: 0
Category: Hot and cold entries, fish and seafood
Difficulty: Easy

A starter of little effort and little effect.
salmon cake recipe

-400Gr. salmon smoked in thin slices
-1Crustless bread Pack
-400Gr. mayonnaise
-1Tin tuna in oil
-a handful of lettuce leaves
-2hard-boiled eggs
-100Gr. beetroot Julienne (from jar)

For decoration:
-2hard-boiled eggs
-stuffed olives
-substitute for caviar

Line a mould cake with plastic wrap to facilitate the unmold.Lined walls and bottom with the slices of smoked salmon, making that a little around the edges protrudes.

From here it is to make bread (4) layers and layers of filling (3)
In the bottom of the Pan put slices of Crustless bread (fits on a 2 and a half).

Make a mixture with 4 tbsp mayonnaise large and crumbled tuna and put on the bread. Press a little and put another layer of bread.

Put a filling of mayonnaise, shredded hard boiled egg and the remains of salmon that have been able to overrun lining the mold and spread on bread. Press and to once again put bread.

The third layer of filling is made with beetroot and mayonnaise. Just the cake with a layer of bread.

Finally press all of the cake and the edges of salmon lunch are that they are covering a little bread, thus to unmold it remain securely fastened below. You are wrapped in paper film and at least 4 or 5 hours to the refrigerator.

To serve the turn on one tray very carefully, remove the film that had lined the inside of the mould and garnish with slices of hard boiled egg, substitute for caviar and sliced olives stuffed with.

Note: Fillings can vary according to your taste, but always serve as cold as possible.