How to make colored popcorn?

Although there are different colors of corn kernels available such as black and purple, you can be shocked when you discover that the color burst is as white as normal grain. So how do you make popcorn color? You can do this by simply covering the popcorn with a sweet layer made ​​with sugar and coloring food . Changing the dye, you can also change the color of the popcorn . Try different numbers or combinations to darken the shadows resulting from your popcorn .

colored popcorn

1/3 cup white sugar 1/3 cup corn kernels 3 tablespoons vegetable oil (or other flavorless oil), 1/4 ounce (1/2 bottle) food coloring (any color or combination) , a large pot (at least 4 quarts) with a lid, a wooden spoon for stirring, wax paper and a baking.


Line the baking sheet with wax paper. Place the pan on a stove and heat it over medium high heat.

Place oil, sugar, coloring food and popcorn in the preheated pan. Cover with the lid, leaving slightly ajar to let out excess steam. This will keep your popcorn soggy stay.

Shake the pan with one hand on the handle and keep the lid in place with the other to allow steam to escape.

Listen as they open the popcorn . It will take three to five minutes your popcorn is completely open, depending on how hot it was the pan when you started. Keep shaking the pan as they open the popcorn .

Remove the cover once the popcorn longer open or take several seconds between bursts. Place the popcorn on wax paper. Check the warnings.

Let the popcorn cool completely on wax paper before separating and serving. Sugar makes popcorn join in blocks and each block will have a fresh coat colored, depending on the dye you chose.