coffee caramel mousse cake

Recently he was the Saint of my boy and his family have custom celebrate a meal. I as always take care of dessert. For this occasion I chose this very light coffee mousse. Top do not stay very integrated because when I went to make the passage of the caramel mousse was very fruit set. I still love them. His mother could not stop telling me what good this this cake. My boy repeated twice…
Recipe for the blog: Heart of syrup.

coffee caramel mousse cake


-A packet of biscuits oreo or similar
-40 Gr. of butter
-A teaspoon of milk
-500 ml. cream to mount
-300 Gr. of philadelphia cheese
-6 leaves of gelatine
-3 teaspoons instant coffee
-150 Gr. of sugar
-A drizzle of milk (2 or 3 tablespoons)
-Liquid caramel or caramel syrup
-A drizzle of vanilla FL. or a packet of vanilla sugar


For the base: grind las galletas oreo to 3-5-7 progressive speed to reduce them to powder, melt the butter in the microwave until it is almost liquid, mix butter with milk and pour over the biscuit, stir to speed 3 seconds until it sticks to the walls. Remove with a spatula. Prepare a mold with detachable ring, or a detachable ring without base and using the dish where we will serve, sprinkle the cookie with the back of a large spoon, distribute cookie by the entire base and tighten to make a base completely flat. Put the base in the refrigerator while we prepare the rest of the cake.

For the filling: moisturize the leaves of gelatine in cold water. Well cool the cream, if it is necessary to put it in the freezer 10 minutes, once well cold riding 3 speed with the chilled glass (we can crush a few cubes before use and also will help to sharpen the blades) gradually add sugar and refrigerate it. Put the milk in a small saucepan to heat, Add vanilla, dissolve the instant coffee and put inside drained gelatin leaves, stir until the leaves are completely dissolved and reserve.

Without clean jar, put the cream cheese and assemble it slightly 1 minute Vel. 3 with the butterfly, until well mixed. Put the gelatin mixture in a large bowl to mix all the mousse, take a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese and put them into the milk with the dissolved gelatin (which will already be somewhat warm), stir and continue adding cheese, little by little and gently stirring with rods up to finish it, add the whipped cream in the same way. Take the biscuit base (you have to be very cold and hard), pour the mixture of cheese and cream over the base, smooth the surface and place in the refrigerator to make it curdle.

To make the decoration of candy at 40 minutes. Approx.,(tiene que estar a medio cuajar) remove the mousse and put over a few chorritos of caramel syrup and make circles with a toothpick to distribute caramel over surface of cake. Put in the cold for three or four hours until set (preferably overnight)
Note: (if we use sugar, subtract the grams that we use to the total amount that takes the cake) recommend you try the cream before placing in the refrigerator, so can give the measure of sugar and coffee which best suits our taste.