I just put a recipe with Thermomix, can believe it you! The truth is that the soil use a lot, but have the habit of doing things by eye and I can’t stop to control time, or speeds, why I don’t put the recipes, I would not lead to confusion to the people who will lead therefore completely. But hey, today’s recipe is quite simple, who has not made Marmalade in TH?, so there is no risk.

coffee and apple jam

If anyone has a more controversial relationship with the coffee, that’s me! I don’t like coffee, I have never been able to take a single coffee, but something unusual! I love its flavor combined with other ingredients: in ice cream, with chocolate, cookies, biscuits, cakes and anything else you can imagine.

And as not, this jam today I present, could not be less. in fact, I think all the jams I’ve tried is one that I like the most. The apples with the touch of coffee and a speck of lemon, will delight all lovers of coffee, even dare I say, that it will also of all those who like me have that peculiar relationship with him. Je hehe. I advise you to try it! I was the second time I do it.

Ideal to take the breakfast, snack and even to accompany and give a special flavor to any dish. If you want to see a proposal for how to use it.

-1 kilo of apples
-30 gr. Ground coffee
-2 lemons
-700 gr of sugar (for my taste, this second time I put 600 gr, since I prefer jams with a little less than sweetness.) ESO already to your liking)
-½ glass of cognac

Preparation according to the recipe
Prepare a strong coffee using the coffee Mocha or Express. Cut apples into very thin slices. In saucepan arrange apples slices alternating with sugar. Add the lemon juice. Put the pan on the heat and bring to a boil, mixing continuously. Let boil 5 minutes and then join the coffee and lemon peels, finely cut. Continue cooking over medium heat, until the apples are tender. Pass the compound through a food mill. Cooking jam another 5 minutes, add the brandy and put in jars as warms up jam.

Elaboration which I have prepared in the Thermomix 21.
The coffee according to your habit. (I have prepared it in the coffee capsules, and I’ve used 4; but I advise that you may prove the taste at the time of adding it and agreguéis more or less depending on your taste).

Remove the skin from the lemons, trying not be behind white. And make juice with the already peeled lemons.

Pour into the bowl of the Thermomix, the skins of lemons, sugar and sprayed 5,7,9. And set aside.

Cut the apples into chunks and pour into the glass of the Thermomix with butterfly, along with the powdered sugar and lemon juice. Set 20 minutes, 100 temperature, speed 1.

Add the coffee and the and the cognac, and continue with the same temperatures and speed for 10 minutes more. In the last 5 minutes, where it is still a little liquid you can put it at Varoma temperature, eliminar excess. Remove the throttle and if necessary, grind a few seconds to achieve the desired texture.

The rest of you know, put it in sterilized cans, close them, put them face-down and allow them to cool completely. Alternatively, bring to a boil for 20 minutes approximately.

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I just put a recipe with Thermomix, can believe it you! The truth is that the soil use a lot, but have the habit of doing things by eye and I can't stop to control time, or speeds, why I don't put the recipes, I would not lead...