Cod brandade

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Towards some days that did not bring a recipe, today I leave one of brandade of cod, to us we love it, if you like cod you can not lose you. The original recipe on recipe of brandade of cod

Cod brandade

Ingredients for 2 people:
-300 gr of desalted cod
-75 ml olive oil
-75 ml milk
-1 medium potato

To prepare the cod brandade will begin cooking the potato already peeled, while it is cooked, in a skillet or saucepan we will put to confit the cod, so we placed over low heat olive oil, add the cod control temperature until it reaches not frying and for 5 minutes left it in oil.

Remove and reserve the already crystallized cod. When the potato is cooked, place it in a bowl machacaremos with a fork, desmigaremos the cod confit with your hands and mix it everything well.

We templaremos the 75 ml of oil in a frying pan, another will take to boil milk. Mix oil and milk and then add the potato and cod. Mix everything well so that is a kind of homogenous puree. We can add a bit of pepper, parsley, or any other herb.

We will leave the brandade fire 5 minutes so flavors blend, then place the brandade in a stoneware Bowl, to put it in the oven. We can sprinkle a little grated cheese au gratin. To put it in the oven with the grill on for a few minutes until golden brown top and cheese.