Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich is a typical lunch meal, which can replace a more expensive lunch. Club sandwich can be served warm or cold, and it tastes freshly cooked best. Per serving, I served two piece club sandwich. Chicken breast fillet, rinse briefly under running water and pat dry with kitchen paper. Heat the butter in a nonstick pan and sear the chicken breasts on both sides is strong. Switch back to the stove over medium heat and fry the chicken breasts in about 10 minutes done. Then with pepper, salt and paprika to taste. Chicken breast fillets with a barbecue tongs from the pan and set aside.


The drippings in the pan again and fry in bacon strips until crispy. Bacon from the pan and set aside. Toast in the toaster until golden brown. Toast bread slices side by side on a large board and coat all slices with yogurt salad dressing. Three leaves of iceberg lettuce cut off and put on three slices of toast. Tomatoes in slices, spread over the lettuce and season with salt and pepper. Chicken breast fillet length after the cut like a bun and put on the tomatoes. Avocado lengthwise around the cut and dissolve by a rotary movement from the core. Remove peel and slice avocado. Sprinkle avocado with fresh squeezed lime juice to the avocado not brown tarnish. Avocado slices on the club sandwich place.

The best one organic cucumber rinse well, wipe dry and cut into slices with peel. Cucumber slices on the avocado. Each club cover with a second slice of toast sandwich and press down firmly. Club sandwich cut diagonally into triangles. Depending on a strip of bacon on each sandwich place club and best how to see in the picture above, are stuck with a Holzspiebchen.


¤ 400 g Chicken breast fillet
¤ 20 g Butter
¤ Pepper, salt
¤ Paprika
¤ 120 g Bacon, cut into strips
¤ 6 Toast
¤ 3 tablespoons Salad dressing, yogurt
¤ 30 g Iceberg lettuce
¤ 2 Tomato
¤ 1 Avocado
¤ 1 tsp Lime juice
¤ 50 g Cucumber Salad

Serves 3 – 760 cal per serving, 20 mins Prep – 20 mins Total