Clouds with red sugar

The original idea was to paint a pirate patch to the clouds and nail but my edible markers are not very there, so I just did the sugar CAP and placed them as you can see.The stick is a paper straw, cut in half and so the sugar is pegase, I bathed with water slightly cloud and had sugar.

Clouds with red sugar

Bowl with sweets (Strawberry and cream and bricks)

-Water bottles

-I printed labels on label paper, cut and pasted into the bottles.

-The biggest table

-General view

At the top of the mirror I placed the letters that has Victor in his room and a four we did both with carton.Right with photos we made a four.

-Boat made of washi tape
-Ham minipizzas

You can make pizza dough that you like more, shape into balls, stretch, put ingredients and bake.
This time I have frozen them, the morning of the meets I took out them of the freezer and taking advantage of the hot oven before serving gave the heat a couple of minutes.
Other years, I have been more round and I clicked them on a skewer stick.