Types clear soups

Clear soups, sometimes referred to as broth, start with a base of translucent broth, according to the website Vintage Recipes. Vegetable soups and meat are considered clear soups and most chicken soup with noodles or rice made. No matter how many grains, vegetables and meat soup vintages, if I start with a translucent broth is considered a clear soup. These are sometimes called after their particular ingredient, such as beef and barley soup.

clear soups

Bouillon is the French word for broth and are often used as well. The bouillon has come to be used to refer to a broth which has been stripped of fat, clarifying the broth, and then casting desgrasando liquid, a clear soup is achieved. For flavoring it, herbs, spices and other seasonings are added, as well as wine and onions and carrots in nature.


Broth base and broth
The broth is prepared based on the most different types of clear soups manner. The basic broth is the liquid extracted from vegetables, meat or fish that is cooked slowly. The broth extracts the flavorful juices. When liquid is used as an ingredient is called broth base.

The broth is a different kind of clear soup because the liquid is boiled until it reduces by half. This is done to intensify the flavor. The broth or bouillon broth begins with fact-based chicken or beef. When liquid is further reduced, it becomes a gel when cooled, especially if it is prepared without bone. The soup is a clear soup that can be eaten hot or cold. When gelatinized and served cold, the soup is usually eaten as an appetizer. When pouring hot, often add other ingredients such as vegetables, rice and pasta.


Double consomme is an extremely thick type of clear soup. The flavor extraction is done twice using twice the amount of meat and other ingredients. If I then flavored with liquor or fortified wine, the liquid is added just before the Double consomme is served.