Chop the chicken breast

This week I propose a resultón and easy recipe in many variants, considering also the Christmas menu. They are rolls of meat “and others” which we will prepare in the varoma and that you can do well and the weight that everyone wants to or put them as a main dish with accompaniments or starters if we make them skinny.

Here I would ask you imagination with the recipes. I am going to put the Carmen bathrooms as basic, you fijareis you that your ingredients are “dry” and so the roll is very compact. Also I leave tests carried out by my combining flavors that some were good but others less so because the liquid loose ingrediete and makes that it firmly compact the roll and when cut into slices is not well presented.

Chop the chicken breast

And already, the recipe of Carmen bathrooms:

-Chicken luncheon meat
-1 chicken breast.
-250 gr. ham.
-1 burgos 250 g cheese

Chop the chicken breast to vel.4.
Enter the ham without removing the breast and chop Vel. 4.
Enter burgos without removing the rest and chop vel.4 cheese.
Wrap the dough in a curler with a plastic wrap and place in the varoma receptacle.
Cook 30 minutes. at varoma temperature.
I always take the vessel to make some soup, any cream or some broth.

Possible variants:
-1 chicken breast.
-250 gr chopped Turkey.
-1 burgos 250 g cheese.

-1 chicken breast.
-250 gr Turkey ham.
-50 g ham.
-4 triangles.

My variants and testing:
I bought a tray of 3 breasts so I prepared 3 rolls. Classic chicken breast with luncheon meat of york and fresh cheese, another with the breast, the rest of the luncheon meat, olives and triangles, and another with chicken breast, triangles and peppers. The latter was not me very well because the peppers released too much aguilla and not squeezed all the roll (is desmigaja enough, so half is in a small tuper for stuffings in salad.

(OT) on my foot, is going quite well, I have not gone much pain, almost nor little, but something I incordio because he was very swollen and had to make you rest in high, by what I’ve spent two weeks as a Queen on the couch (truth, believe that since he was a baby there was no State so served it to ask me everything and without charge me anything like the House)already almost it makes me sad that this runs out )

Now it is still somewhat sunk but at least sometimes I sit at the computer because before it was lower the foot and to reach circulation, disturb me much. The truth is that I had big plans in my baja of organizing things on the computer (receipts, prepare kedada…) and I have not been able to advance but, that if I had time to see lots of movies and read books !!!!