Chocolate mint ice cream

Portions / number of persons: 6
Preparation time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Category: Desserts
Difficulty: Easy

Chocolate mint ice cream

How I like the chocolate after eight, I think they are my favorite chocolates, and as could not be less Mint with chocolate ice cream is one of my favorites.

Wherever I am going to an ice cream shop I ask me a ball of ice cream lemon (my top 1) and another Mint with chocolate and the truth is that I love the combination of both, they are super refreshing both.

Lemon ice cream I will now put the recipe later, today I wanted to experiment with something a little less typical and the result I liked, has nothing to envy to that we eat in the gelateria, comes out super creamy…


-2 egg yolks
-200ml of cream ( 35 % FAT)
-200ml milk
-4 tablespoons of invert sugar
-1 drizzle of mint liqueur
-a handful of mint leaves
-dye blue and yellow (optional)
-75g chocolate chips

The first thing is to heat the milk with the egg yolks and the mint leaves without letting it boil so that the egg does not curdle.

Aside from the heat and add the cream, sugar and dash of liqueur.

Here we can remove mint leaves or through the blender and crush them, I trituré them to achieve a more intense mint flavor.

If we want to have a more green color we can add a few drops of dye yellow and blue.

Let it cool completely and get to the fridge.

The last step can do it with fridge, where we will introduce the mixture well cold and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.When we take the mixture Add chocolate chips and place in the freezer.

If we do not have fridge, put the mixture in the freezer and will draw a total of three times every two hours to get our ice cream is creamy.