Chocolate ice cream

Mix egg yolk with fine granulated sugar, cocoa and 50 ml of well-cooled milk until the chocolate has dissolved. Fine granulated sugar is more soluble than ordinary table sugar. Add the remaining 150 ml of milk and stir. Well-chilled cream almost beat until stiff. Stir cocoa mixture underneath.


Best to think of this mixture for 20 minutes in the freezer (not longer, so it does not crystallize). Then again briefly open and then into the ice maker fill. 45 minutes stir in the ice machine. At first it looks a bit grainy, but smooth later. If the ice can not be eaten immediately with a rubber spatula (spatula) or decant from the bowl into a clean, well-sealed and put in the freezer cold.

This recipe yields about 0.8 L of ice. I’ve cooked it in the ice cream maker from Philips HR 2303rd For ice machines from other manufacturers may vary the cooking times.


¤ 1 Yolk
¤ 60 g Granulated sugar, fine
¤ 15 g Cocoa
¤ 0.2 L Milk
¤ 125 g Cream

Serves 3 – 269 cal per serving, 10 mins Prep – 60 mins Total