Chinese restaurants Chinese salad dressing

Portions / number of persons: 4
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Category: Salads
Difficulty: Easy

After many years of searching on the internet at the end I’ve got and made so famous typical white Chinese restaurants Chinese salad dressing.

chinese salad

Chinese salad consists of 2 parts.
Part 1: White sweet and sour dressing
Part 2: The salad (salad ingredients)

PART 1: “Sweet and sour white dressing” ingredients:
-1Full glass of white wine vinegar
-Same glass of vinegar, sugar-filled.
-3spoon small AJINOMOTO
-2small salt spoons
-2tablespoons of oil Sunflower (or olive according to taste)

PART 2: “Salad” ingredients:
Lettuce (Ideal is the iceberg, put it in water, the night before, so will be more crunchy).
Cooked shrimp (but serve them cold)
Chinese algae “Agar Agar” have been left in water also the night before)
Strips of ham.
White sweet and sour dressing.

Part 1: for the sweet and sour dressing:
Trick to make it as in Chinese restaurants (white sauce slightly thickens bittersweet):
(1) Put it all part 1 ingredients in a mixer Bowl.
(2) Same amount of vinegar and sugar
(3) Pass it through the Blender at least 5 minutes!
(4) If we do it in the morning, let stand until lunchtime, will be more thick and better dissolved sugar.

Part 2: The salad
Put the ingredients for the salad on the plate to serve, season with the sweet and sour white dressing (spraying above all the salad so much dressing as desired).