Chicken with Grapes


¤Chicken Breasts
¤1 bunch of grapes
¤A sprig of rosemary
¤1 onion
¤1 tablespoon butter
¤A glass of cider
¤Olive oil
Other tools: Cotton thread


Chicken with Grapes: Christmas recipe

Chop the chicken and brown them in a pan with a tablespoon of butter and oil. Remove from heat and meat in the same skillet pochamos chopped onion into pieces too small. When the onion is well squishy, ​​add the chicken, cider, thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper. Boil and simmer for half an hour.

We removed the chicken, onion and so on, and with the oil and fry the peeled grapes boneless. Serve on a platter, with grape sauce around the chicken. We let cook, covered over low heat about 40 minutes, watering it with his own sauce from time to time. When done, we remove the chicken and the herbs and place in a bowl. In the same pan, put the peeled and seeded grapes, the cook for two minutes and then pour the sauce over the chicken. Placing grapes around.