stuffed chicken breast

-1 breast open like a book of about 900 grams approx.
-5 or 6 servings of quesito
-slices of chorizo, salami
-strips of bacon
-salt and pepper
-If you want also you can throw an omelette

Stuffed chicken breast


Before you start to do anything with the breast put in the glass 1/2 litre of water, varoma temperature.
We extend the breast and season to begin to fill it out leaving a border without filling to be able to roll it up.
Once filled very well do a roll with tight breast and wrap it in plastic wrap, then in foil.
We put the roll in the center of the varoma receptacle, we covered and locolocamos over the lid of the vessel time 40 minutes, temperature varoma speed 2

If concluded once the time we see that meat still not this all takes, because we put about 5 or 10 minutes more.