Ensala of chicken and rice

Portions / number of people:
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 0
Category: Salads, rice dishes
Difficulty: Easy

chicken and rice

This is an easy and very tasty recipe. The trick is in the vinaigrette.

For the salad:

-250 GR rice
-100 GR of olives black
-Roasted or fried chicken (are perfect leftovers)
-2 medium roasted red pepper of piquillo peppers
-1 Onion

For the vinaigrette:
-White wine vinegar
-Parsley or oregano

Put cooked rice, and while Cook go doing the vinaigrette with the oil, vinegar, salt and parsley or oregano (with any other fresh chives and coriander herb, is also very good, but we should not abuse these herbs because they taste a slightly stronger; case mix them together and use sparingly).

Add vinaigrette onion chopped very fine, also very poppers piquillo peppers and cut sliced black olives. Let marinate.

Meanwhile, go cutting the chicken in strips or squares (depending on the piece of chicken that is and where it comes from).

Once the rice has finished cooked, cool under a stream of water (this also allows the grains is not sticking and rice is loose in the salad) and then mix with the chicken and vinaigrette.

We recommend making this salad a while before serving, so the flavors intermingle and is more tasty. It is also cold richer, but not too much, so if he gets into the fridge should take it out a few minutes before putting it on the table. I.e., what I do is put it in the fridge at least 1 hour and take it out like 15 min before serving. But as it is more good is from one day to another.