Chicken and Fruit Salad

For a radical change from a heavy piece of fried chicken, white meat combined with fruit slices, some dressing and some greens for a salad. Serve cold and refreshing combination of chicken and fruit, as a salad for a meal or main dish. A change in fruit or produce a new dressing taste combination. The nearly infinite variations include fruit with roasted chicken, for a hot version of the salad.

Chicken and Fruit Salad

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Chicken types for use
Because uncooked poultry should not be combined with the raw ingredients of the salad, cook the chicken in advance. Different cooking methods or marinated produce different flavors and textures to the flesh. Combine chicken pieces grilled in a spinach salad with pieces of grapefruit, apples and grapes. Add strips of grilled chicken with a citrus slices and cover everything with a vinaigrette. The pieces of chicken breast poached or boiled, marinated in a combination of red wine vinegar and fruit juice complement the pineapple mango or a green salad.

Fruit options
The salad recipes summer fruits have seeds, berries and citrus with chicken cooked either as a dish served cold with a dressing or placed on a bed of greens. Mix apple slices, nectarines or pears topped with balsamic vinegar or a creamy yogurt with some roasted chicken pieces and serve on a baby spinach or wrapped in lettuce leaves. Add the pieces of citrus soy marinade and cool them before serving with shredded chicken and green vegetables.

Waldorf Chicken Salad
The Waldorf salad, a dish of apple, celery and mayonnaise introduced to Americans in 1911 at the Hotel Waldorf Astoria in New York, it became a main dish with the addition of grilled chicken. The revamped version of the magazine “Sunset” of the traditional recipe replaces the mayonnaise with apple juice. Other variations of this recipe rely on yogurt or fruit sauce for a sweeter taste or a curry or tarragon added for a spicier salad.

Nutrition of fruit salad and chicken
A grilled chicken breast 5 oz (141 g) contains less than 200 calories and 4 grams of fat. The School of Public Health at Harvard, have the recipe for the salad Madhur Jaffrey chicken, shrimp and fruit on their website, The Nutrition Source (source of nutrition). The salad contains only 250 calories per serving. The nutritional value of each chicken salad and fruit varies based on the included ingredients and portion size. Vary the ingredients to meet the nutritional requirements of the guests.