Gazpacho of cherries with vieira

Incredible as it is this gazpacho, a refreshing combination of cherries and tomatoes with the touch of the scallop sea further strengthens this dish. Do not hesitate and try it.


Preparation time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
People: 2

Gazpacho of cherries with vieira


-250 g of cherries
-1 PEAR tomato
-50 g bread crumbs
-4 leaves of gelatine
-25 ml sherry vinegar
-1 flower gardenia
-2 large scallops


Clean the cherries and put through a blender. Then add the gelatin sheets previously refreshed in cold water, let stand in the refrigerator.

Introducing bread, vinegar and tomato peeled in the Thermomix or a blender and grind it all, to then add the cherries liquefied and let’s emulsifies with a drizzle of olive oil, this step is very important and is the taste of the person, more thicker oil. At the end we snuck and aside.

In a hot frying pan we mark the scallops to fire and we will then put them in a soup dish. Add the gardenia flower and accompany with a pitcher with the juice in a jug.