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Potato dumplings

Potato dumplings are not only in Bavaria is a popular accompaniment to roast pork or pork. The best way to cook potatoes the day before, the one ungepellt kept in a refrigerator to prevent it from drying out. Before cooking, the potato dumplings, the baked potatoes are then peeled and forced through the potato ricer, or with the coarse side of a square grated potato, so the potato dumplings in Bavaria are also often called potato dumpling.


Mix flour with the potatoes, add eggs and season with salt. The potato dough with floured hands knead smooth. Depending on the size of the eggs may still add flour until the dough is not sticky and forms can be more. But do not use too much flour to the potato flavor is not superimposed. The dough should remain soft. A work surface lightly with flour, shape the dough into a roll and divide into six equal pieces. In a large soup pot salted water to a boil bubbly. The potato dumplings should have enough space to swim in the water. Reduce the temperature. With moistened hands, roll six potato dumplings, as seen in the picture above, and gently slide into the water to cool. Continue reading

Potato pancakes

Potato pancakes can also cook in large quantities in the oven and keep warm at about 50 °. Potato pancakes taste very good if you sprinkle them with sugar and served with homemade apple sauce or apple sauce. Even with turnip tops, or a slice of black bread with butter, potato pancakes are served. A waxy variety Peel and wash potatoes, drain and rub with the use of a food processor finely grind.


Peel the onion, also finely grind and mix with the potato mixture. The grated potato mixture into a clean dish cloth and squeeze out the juice. Beat the eggs with the potato mixture and stir in flour. The batter for the fritters with pepper and salt. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a nonstick pan and bake for three potato pancakes. 1 tablespoon for each potato cake potato mixture into the pan and spread it with a spoon to a small potato pancakes, as shown in the photo above. Continue reading

Kale,The healthy food

Kale is a typical North German recipe that is traditionally eaten during the winter. Especially in East Frisia is green cabbage served with sweet potatoes. The leaves of kale from the thick Mittelstrunken pluck and thoroughly rinse with water. In a large soup pot bubbling salted water to boil and blanch the kale is about 5 minutes until it collapses. Pour the cabbage in a colander, rinse with cold water and drain well.


Dry the soup pot and leave it dripping. An onion cut into small cubes and fry in lard until translucent. Add the kale and repeatedly turning anschmoren shortly. Add mustard and salt and pour broth. The kale, mix well, put on a lid and simmer the kale at its lowest setting about 1 hour. Smoked pork neck in slices, put about 15 minutes before end of cooking in the soup pot and cover with green cabbage. Most are still set to Puts ends, but that would enrich the already rich kale itself to more calories, and I prefer it so, alternating with smoked pork neck serve food the next green cabbage. Sweet potatoes for the best possible small potatoes cook peel, halve and depending on the size or roll, as seen in the picture above. Continue reading

Hungarian Potato Pancakes

Hungarian potato pancakes can be either rich as a side dish with fried meat, or serve with sugar and cinnamon for dessert. Peel potatoes, wash and coarsely chop and place in a small saucepan. Cover potatoes with lightly salted water, put on a lid and bring to boil potatoes. Reduce heat and potatoes in about 20 minutes to cook at all. Possibly, still existing Drain the potatoes and let evaporate a little.


Press the potatoes through the potato ricer while still hot and mix with an egg. Potatoes may still seasoning with a pinch of salt and nutmeg. Mix flour with soda and stir into the mashed potatoes. Without a deep fryer basket insert to 180 degrees heat. Moisten slightly with a tablespoon of water and cut-off around 9 equal pieces from the mashed potatoes. You should like to see in the picture above, have an irregular shape. Continue reading

Vegetable Stew with Beef

Vegetable stew with beef flavor by boiling the leg disc of beef very strong and aromatic. It can be prepared very well. White beans cover with cold water and soak overnight. In a soup pot broth with a bay leaf to boil bubbly. The meat of the leg plate of beef with a carving knife to read from the bone and cut into bite-size pieces, like to see in the picture above. The bone marrow of the bone plate put in the broth and add the beef. Peel an onion, cut into small cubes and add along with the white beans to beef.


Replace a lid, boil the broth briefly, switch back to medium and simmer the vegetables with beef stew gently about 90 minutes can be. In a pressure cooker, you need only 45 minutes cooking time. Green beans in half and brush. Parsley root, peel and cut into slices. The vegetables in the vegetable stew with beef and simmer give another 15 minutes. In a small saucepan and bring to a boil noodles in salted water about 10 minutes until to the tooth. Continue reading


Aioli is a cold garlic cream, served in Spain briefly fried or grilled meat, fish, poultry or vegetables. Serve with fresh bread and olives. To prepare aioli, all ingredients are at room temperature so that the cream does not curdle. Egg yolks in a bowl and season with salt and freshly ground pepper. With a whisk stir in the oil while stirring with a whisk at first drop by drop, so it combines with the egg yolk.


Only then pour the oil in a thin stream and continue to stir it vigorously until a creamy mayonnaise, as shown in the picture above, is formed. If the clot aioli, it may be that one ingredient was too cool, or you have poured the oil too fast. The aioli can be saved but by giving back an egg yolk in a bowl, add spices and curd aioli teaspoonful inflicted with a whisk in the egg yolk mixture is stirred until the aioli is creamy again. Continue reading

Sauce with mushrooms and cheese balls

For the cheese balls ruhrent soft butter until creamy. Add semolina little by little. Stir in cream cheese and egg yolks. Season with pepper, salt and nutmeg. First, the mass is relatively liquid. Sources at least 30 minutes, then the curd is firm. Heat the butter in a nonstick pan.


Finely diced onion and garlic. Add the cleaned mixed mushrooms, saute briefly. Cover and continue to simmer about 10 minutes on medium heat. Add sherry and creme fresh. Season with pepper, salt and thyme. Openly about 5-10 minutes boil something. Meanwhile salted water to boil. Parting with the help of 2 teaspoons of cheese balls and place in boiling salted water. Continue reading

Midnight Soup

Midnight soup can be prepared well in larger quantities. Beef stew and pork stew may still throw a little smaller. Heat oil in a pan and fry the corn oil mixed stew in it strongly. Dice the onion peel, small and short mitsch tumors. Stir in tomato paste and deglaze with red wine.


Temperature to lowest level and top up the soup with meat broth. Season with freshly ground pepper, salt, paprika, a pinch of cayenne pepper, chili powder and chili sauce. Midnight soup can simmer about 40 minutes. Pour mushrooms in a colander, rinse, shake dry and cold. Slice the mushrooms. Green peppers in half, freeing of white skins and seeds and cut into cubes. Continue reading