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Lighthouse Children cheese

This cheese lighthouse children not only looks and tastes funny children well, they can also help in cutting out the circles and the assembly. The best way you look at the cheese counter, a young mild Gouda, in just under 1 cm thick slices cut per 150 grams. The cheese slices should be about as big that you can cut out four circles. Are suitable for this Garnier rings, cookie cutter or glass. 6 circles of about 5 cm in diameter cut out and cut out a larger circle of about 6-7 cm in size. Wash the tomatoes, dry and cut into 1 cm thick slices.


The Lighthouse Children’s cheese with a 5 cm wide slice of gouda and begin alternating a slice of tomato place them. In the middle of the larger slice of gouda as a platform to build the lighthouse, like to see in the picture above. The remaining tomato slices and Gouda slices in alternating layers above. Drain the onions and place as “lights” on the platform. If the lighthouse is something wrong you may be stuck with the onions and wooden toothpicks. A slightly thicker blade chives cut into pieces and put a railing on the lights. For the beacon from the lighthouse on the tip of a small cherry tomato, rinse, dry and cut crosswise only, but do not cut through completely. Continue reading