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Meatballs in sauce of lemon and cinnamon

This recipe is originally from my great-grandmother Francisca, which I did not know but his legacy in the kitchen. They have already passed several generations by keeping the original recipe as she made it there at the end of the 19th century.

Meatballs in sauce

This dish prepared it custom-made in wedding parties and as entertainment personalities who visited the town, Valverde de Júcar (Cuenca) and surroundings. Continue reading

My Orange yogurt

De girl I always liked Orange yogurt, I don’t know why such as wine was, I no longer returned never again, and it looks they get rare flavors of yogurt eh, but, nothing that I do not see any brand are encouraged.

Searching the internet options I’ve seen have not convinced me too, one had cooked Orange, another orange zest,…, that no, that was not none to my liking. So I thought I would put Orange jelly that give flavor and not chopped zest, as he now had a very very mild flavor as it occurred to me putting a sachet of ready instant orange (Tang) which in my childhood was invariable companion of meals for the weekend, my mother prepared us a huge jar, aysss, what memories.

My Orange yogurt

The test did not come as expected so I tried another idea to see the jars of essences that sold the other day at Lidl, came from Orange!, and can already see, neither short nor lazy I got to try this new idea to see what came out. Continue reading

Cake fartons and horchata

Some time ago I saw this cake took a lot of time behind her, even had bought the ingredients and the fartons already were put something Viburnum Tinus, so in a celebration I set to work and I am very rich! The recipe here.


Cake fartons and horchata

-400 ml. cream whipping.
-400 Gr. of condensed milk.
-300 m from horchata
-6 leaves of gelatine.
-6 “fartons”. Continue reading

Salad of green beans and tuna

-Jewish green 150 gr
-125 Gr tomato
-You prawns, 50 g
-Tuna, 1 can
-30 Gr onions
-Cta 1, 5 g almonds
-Oil 1 cta 5 gr
-Modena vinegar
-Maldon salt
-Sesame, cta 1, 2 g
-Rosemary flowers

Salad of green beans and tuna

Simple, it is a salad!

First of all [i.e., in finite strips] French cut green beans and cook them to the dente [between 7 and 10 minutes]. Separately, Cook the prawns. Let cool down two things. It is already difficult. Continue reading

Avocados Deluxe

Portions / number of persons:
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Category: Snacks and tapas
Difficulty: Easy

Avocados Deluxe


-½ Lettuce iceberg julienned
-1 ripe avocado
-100 Gr. gulas
-200 Gr. shrimp
-6 crab sticks
-Extra virgin olive oil
-2 cloves of garlic (minced)
-It almond toast granulated
-Cayenne, salt and pepper Continue reading

French toast

There goes my recipe for French toast, which I hope you like. This year I bring you the traditional toast of life which are which we like at home with your sugar and canelita. Do not need anything else.


Bread of the day before (on this occasion special for French toast from the Mercadona supermarket bread, I used and felt me fabulous, they are very good and with a superb aspect)


-Eggs (for two packages of Mercadona toast bread needed four eggs)
-1 litre of milk
-Cinnamon in branch and ground
-4 tablespoons of sugar to the milk and four others to coat
-The rind of a lemon
-Mild olive or sunflower oil Continue reading

I filet stuffed baked

Portions / number of people:
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 5 minutes
Category: Meat
Difficulty: Easy

stuffed baked

-A tape of kilo pork + or

-100 g of sliced cheese

-100 GR of smoked bacon

-a few olives without bone black

-Paprika de La Vera

-a glass of white wine

-oil and salt

-100GR cream Continue reading

Coconut curry with mango pulp

Steak with mango coconut curry tastes very juicy. The mango curry is very fruity, ripe as possible when using a soft mango and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Cover the rice lightly with salt water, put on a lid and cook briefly. To swell the rice on low heat about 20 minutes. Peel the mango and cut in half. One half cut into columns as above to see in the picture and set aside for decoration.


The remaining mango into small cubes. In a saucepan butter, omit, reduce heat, stir in flour with a whisk and sprinkle with freshly squeezed orange juice. Stir in coconut milk and top with vegetable broth. Add mango and season with curry powder, white pepper and salt. The mango curry and simmer slightly rounded with brown sugar. Two turkey cutlet in half, so that will be served per serving of two small coconut chips. Steak with pepper and salt. For coating plates provide three deep. Continue reading

Stew with eggplants

Goulash is a Persian dish with eggplant. Served as a side dish served with basmati rice or bread. In the original, for seasoning 3 dried limes are used, which I have unfortunately not survived. I’ve replaced it with a little fresh lime, without the slight acidity of the stew with eggplant. Wash eggplant dry rub and remove the stems.


Eggplant lengthwise, like to see in the photo above, cut into 1 cm thick slices, placed side by side on paper towels and season with salt vigorously so that the water is removed and the eggplants are soft when frying. Leg of lamb sliced ​​off the bone and dissolve into bite-size cubes. You can also use another lamb. Heat oil in a casserole 2 tablespoons sunflower oil and brown the lamb stew portions is sharp. Temperature switch back to medium. Peel onions, cut into small cubes and fry briefly. Tomato paste and stir into the stew slightly mitsch tumors. Continue reading

Classic tomato sauce

This original recipe for a classic tomato sauce comes from Venice. You should let the sauce simmer for 2-3 hours. You will taste better the longer it simmers. Since you do not have to stand here all the time, the sauce can be prepared well. Onion, celery, garlic and finely chop roots.


Heat olive oil in a saucepan. The vegetables cook it on medium heat. Remove the pot from the plate and stir in tomato paste. Pour red wine and pot on the plate put back. Chop tomatoes and add something with the juice. Season with rosemary, bay leaves, 1-2 cloves, pepper, salt and a pinch of cinnamon (the spice its aroma during long simmering develop even more). Continue reading