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Omelette of Surimi “pure protein diet Dukan”

A friend told me that when he returned to make cruise, Dukan diet recipes. The truth did not have thought out today doing nothing, leaving it for tomorrow, it would only make chicken breast fillets, but I said good will accompany with something more.

I was that this recipe ‘less-I’ made it around the world I made the other day to fill the squids and left me wanting to try it.

Omelette of Surimi

It’s not even a recipe, but here I leave it for when you may have a day as the mine, where I have no desire to do anything nor time, having not even I can pass to visit you in your blogs. Part of be no time I am quite exhausted and listless, not wanting to do anything. Continue reading

Three Chocolate Cheesecake recipe

Portions / number of persons: 10
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Category: Desserts
Difficulty: Easy

Cheesecake recipe

This cake is that I did for the meets my Princess. Continue reading

Cake recipe of vegetables

Portions / number of persons:
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Category: Snacks and tapas, hot and cold entries, vegetables and vegetables, vegetarian.
Difficulty: Easy

Cake recipe of vegetables

This terrine, offers the possibility of combining all kinds of vegetables, colors and different textures. Continue reading

Recipe for meatballs in sauce

Portions / number of people: 2
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Category: Snacks and tapas, hot and cold entries, meats, fittings, Light
Difficulty: Easy

Recipe for meatballs in sauce

(for the meatballs)
-300g of minced pork
-200g of minced beef
-100g of minced chicken meat
-Pine nuts
-1tablespoon of grated bread
-Oil Continue reading

Potatoes with tuna and boiled egg dressing recipe

Portions / number of persons:
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Category: Snacks and tapas, salads, hot and cold entries, fish and seafood, vegetables and legumes, eggs, Light, vegetarian
Difficulty: Easy

Recipe and pics of my grandmother… It is a dish very consumed in Andalusia as incoming or lid, very refreshing for what love in summer, but in winter to us also we love. Everyone knows that things like grandmothers well “condumias” so more potatoes seasoned my recipe are tuna and egg hard with potatoes lol but knows of a fable!

Potatoes with tuna

-1kg of potatoes
-3hard-boiled eggs
-5cans of tuna
-3green peppers
-1medium tomato
-4 thin scallions or 2 thick
-200ml olive oil
-50ml vinegar
-Salt Continue reading

Panna-cotta with marmalade glaze.

Panna cotta is a dessert that I have prepared several times and as yet had no picture what best excuse that doing so to prepare the report… jjj

It is a typical Italian dessert, somewhere I read that for them the panna cotta is for us the flan, although I am sorry, but where is our egg flan… that removed all the panna cottas of the world! JJ…

Panna-cotta with marmalade glaze

This dessert recipes there are many, I usually do this, because I also do it in the thermomix and does not take anything (in the traditional way is also faster); We can vary the flavor by adding milk for cocoa, coffee etc…I this time not have added any extra ingredient, because with this glaze of jam, already changed the taste completely. Continue reading

Recipe of biscuits, chocolate cake

Portions / number of persons: 8
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 0
Category: Desserts
Difficulty: Easy

It is a “reconstructed” version of classic cheesecake cookies, coffee and chocolate. I’ve bundled me in the kitchen and this has been the result. When all ingredients are good for Yes solos, the result cannot be nothing more than nicer still.

Recipe of biscuits, chocolate cake


-2MarĂ­a biscuit packages
-150Gr. of butter
-1/ 2 Cup of coffee
-1/ 2 glass of milk
-100Gr. chocolate for desserts
-50Gr. sugar
-A splash of brandy (optional, to taste)
-A tablespoon of brown sugar (optional) Continue reading

Yellow rice with chicken

This rice has become another of our favorites, is delicious! It is very easy, with few ingredients and is made at a time. The original recipe makes whole peppers chips but in my house that is impossible, so I trituro them.

Yellow rice with chicken


-100 ml of oil.
-2 cloves of garlic.
-500 g of chicken breast cut into pieces.
-350 g of green and red peppers cut into pieces.
-850 ml of water or bird stock.
-1/2 teaspoon sweet paprika.
-1/2 teaspoon of dye.
-350 g of rice.
-100 gr of peas. Continue reading

Cheese, lemon and apricot jam tart

I return to the cheesecakes.. .since I have lost accounts that I have edited… .hoy is made in my new ERIKA PLUS but can be done in a conventional oven. The good thing about my saucepan is that programs and forget until the time of remove it to emplatarla…

lemon and apricot

The recipe simple to not being able to more:
-4 eggs
-4 tablespoons of sugar
-4 tablespoons of flour (put bizcochona of the mercadona)
-100 g cream cheese
-1 glass of milk
-2 lemon yogurt
-1/2 cup of sunflower oil
-3 tablespoons cornstarch
-2 sachets of vanilla sugar
-a teaspoon of baking powder
-the juice of half a lemon
-that half a lemon rind.
-Coverage: apricot jam. Continue reading

Matcha tea ice cream

I really like working with matcha tea and many wanted to make this ice cream, the vi in Canal Cocina, a chef named Josep Maria Ribe, that makes a program “chocolate“, which is amazing, makes some cakes and a few spectacular desserts. Not everyone likes the taste of matcha tea but this ice cream mixed with chocolate is a delight and encourage you try it, you will be surprised.

Matcha tea ice cream

-400 ml. whole milk
-120 ml. cream 35% m.g.
-100 gr. egg yolks
-250 gr. sugar
-60 Gr. milk powder 0% m.g.
-70 Gr. Matcha green tea
-2 gr. gelatin sheets Continue reading