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Hake stuffed baked recipe

Portions / number of people: 6
Preparation time: 60. minutes
Cooking time: 40. minutes
Category: Fish and seafood
Difficulty: Moderate

The hake stuffed is a convenient option especially when having guests at home, place it in the oven by clearing the kitchen and with minimum care taste freshly made without gait rush in the kitchen.

hake stuffed baked recipe

Supports any filling… as in this case with sea fruits or something more classic like serrano ham, fried assorted vegetables or even a combination of sea and land with wild asparagus and prawns…
We are the combinations are so varied that it is a shame to shut out any other options that you can think of us. Continue reading

Tasty recipe

Portions / number of persons: 4
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Category: Vegetables and legumes
Difficulty: Easy

A simple that not fattening, tasty recipe

tasty recipe

-Vinegar. Continue reading

How to make Doowaps

Yes, “doowaps” that often nombrecito, to my I like more call them “muffins with chocolate chips”, long, but so we know what we’re talking about jjj… and who has the blame that it has made them?.. .for Yes, charge at home, my son, the other day I accompanied to make purchase and threw me a package from the “real” in the basket, and I told him nanai, industrial bakery that was and that I refused to buy it, in return, promised you that I prepare them is at home… so they have passed the days and it has not missed an afternoon in which Eloy told me that I promised (I do not) I remember that was a promise) do “doowaps”, so yesterday, the afternoon was to be at home, I started with the hands in the dough (and never better said) and according to my son, already he has forgiven me, because I’ve met! jjj and I think that by far because the buns that I bake did not have wings, but literally flew!…


I you only needed to find a good recipe, and I gave it on the blog of Olga, cooking with Kisa, where I took my double surprise, because I found the famous buns on the one hand, and how to prepare them, with my dear Chefomatic on the other, which was stored in the pantry now or poor I remember when… I promise that I will use it more nowespecially for dough.I’ve simply added more sugar, and vanilla. Continue reading

The weekend dessert

This has been the weekend dessert, is a flan with a different aroma that reminds me of Arab sweets, I’ve taken it from a magazine of ThermomixAlthough I participate in the Forum, lately little hang so I intend “to put my batteries” to see if I get it, missing me hours, or cook or I dedicate myself to make photo hang the recipe here and on the blog, the truth is that it leads me more time put it on the internet that make it and eat it to me. Encourage you to do so that is great.

weekend dessert


-250 gr. fresh goat cheese
-1 / 3 tablespoons orange blossom water
-125 gr. sugar icing
-Half a lemon
-60 Gr. milk
-2 eggs
-3 Leaves of gelatine
-100 gr. boneless dates
-4 tablespoons of honey Continue reading

For lovers of chocolate

Surely many already know this recipe, but even perhaps someone who has not seen it, or at least remember it you if you want to enjoy this dessert!

-150 g butter
-75 g sugar
-150 g of chocolate of coverage
-3 eggs
-1 tablespoon of flour


First merge the chocolate with the butter. I did it in the microwave in batches of 30 seconds and stirring well to prevent not to burn the chocolate. Once cast reserve so it temple.On the other hand beat the eggs with the sugar until they are well mounted and foamed.Mix with the chocolate carefully in that the eggs do not go down. For them we use a rod and we will doing gentle movements. Finally add the sifted flour. Continue reading

Hot Cross Buns

Sweet typical at Easter in England and other countries. It is very tasty.

Ingredients (12 units):
-30 g of lemon zest (1-2 lemons, yellow part only)
-30 g of sugar
-250 ml lukewarm milk
-70 g of butter at room temperature
-4 tbsp (2 envelopes) dried Baker’s yeast
-1 Egg
-1 and ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
-1 and ½ TSP of ground nutmeg nut
-½ teaspoon of ground cloves
-½ teaspoon ground ginger
-500 gr of flour strength (you can require a bit more according to flour)
-2 teaspoons salt
-170 grams of raisins

Hot Cross Buns

-80 gr of flour
-100 gr water
-A pinch of salt
-1 tablespoon of sunflower oil Continue reading

Almond crusted sugar muffins

Today I come with traditional recipe, cupcakes, muffins, malena (as we call les here)… whatever are very rich traditional sweets that sometimes we forget that we have after the invasion of foreign candy (eye which I also like)

I don’t know if I’ve had since I still photo camera once you decide to commit suicide mine, but thanks to the invaluable collaboration of my Navy aide who has given me his pink camera (although it says how see you a scratch and don’t see it more) I have been able to photograph these “malenas”.

Almond crusted sugar muffins

Looking for homemade recipes I found this in illusions color pastel, click to see your recipe. , to see who refuses to make them, at this rate I’m going to go down the street to go to work rulando. Continue reading

Recipe of leg of lamb in the oven

Portions / number of persons: 4
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 240 minutes
Category: Meat
Difficulty: Easy

Long ago I prepare this shoulder of Lamb by Jamie Oliver, the preparation is made with eyes closed and is in the oven for 4 hours by which leaves you time to do other things.
The meat melts away, is a delight!
I leave lining you to the taste of everyone;

Recipe of leg of lamb in the oven

-1 Lamb of 2 kilos.
-1head of unpeeled garlic and separate teeth.
-1fresh rosemary bouquet.
-Salt and freshly ground pepper.
-Virgin olive oil. Continue reading

Chicken croquettes


-1 l chicken broth.
-90 g. butter or oil
-6 tablespoons flour Colmadas.
-50 g of grated onion.
-A bit of nutmeg.

Chicken croquettes

-2 chicken thigh.
-1 Carrot.
-1 Leek.
-1/2 onion
-2 cloves of garlic.
-1 branch of parsley Continue reading

Deluxe potatoes and sauce

My daughter loves these potatoes, I was looking for on the net as I could make them, in Spain I found several sites, in all frying them. I looked also at the origin of potatoes which believed that it was used, but I was surprised that they this kind of potatoes are called French, (I thought that just called French cuts on sticks).

I found several sites and at all putting them in the oven. I don’t know how they will make them really in the Mc, but I found it more comfortable and fast to make them in the oven. For the sauce had a sample at home, so I called my daughter to make of recruitment and put the ingredients in the top information.

For 4 people


-5 medium potatoes
-2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
-2 teaspoons garlic powder
-1 teaspoon ground red pepper.
Next also put her onion powder that had no and will also try with a bit of curry.

For the sauce
-1 tablespoon of fresh cream (crème fraîche).
-2 tablespoons of mayonnaise.
-10 sprigs of chopped chives.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and put a baking up a tray paper.

Wash the potatoes with a brush thoroughly to remove well all the Earth. Cut into wedges.

In a bowl mix the grated cheese, garlic powder, paprika and salt, when well mixed add a little oil and stir.

Spread the potatoes in this mixture and go by placing them in the oven tray. Put them in the oven for 20-25 min to half time turn them over so they are browned on both sides.

For the sauce mix in a bowl, the creme fraiche, mayonnaise and chives.
And ready.