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Cheese and condensed milk Flan recipe

Portions / number of persons: 8
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Category: Desserts
Difficulty: Easy

cheese and condensed milk

-350Gr. condensed milk
-200Gr. cheese Philadelphia
-Caramel liquid. Continue reading

Tart custard, cream and toffee sauce

Today I am of compliance , “meets-blog”, if one year ago today I started my journey in these worlds “blogeriles”, thanks to my son David, who was created it and taught me the first steps; and what better way to celebrate than with a cake…


-Type Maria cookies, (I used toast of the square)
-Wine Pedro Ximénez, or any other sweet.
-Beads of chocolate, to decorate
-350 ml. cream, whipping
-2 tablespoons cream cheese (to give consistency to the cream)
-powdered sugar (to sweeten the cream)

Tart custard, cream and toffee sauce

For the pastry cream:

-1/2 liter of milk
-2 medium eggs
-1 cinnamon stick
-The skin of a lemon
-3 tablespoons full of sugar
-50 Gr. cornstarch Continue reading

Quick Tartar of Salmon and wakame

Well today I bring you an easy, quick and delicious recipe. For those who are to diet, is great for dinner or incoming.

Note: Before using salmon or any heavy crude must be sure that is free of anisakis, for it to freeze the fish for at least 24 hours at – 20 degrees Celsius. Believe Uds not homemade coolers so perfectly reach this temperature just put the freezer to maximum for 24 hours.

Salmon and wakame.

Ready, once with a clear conscience I continue with the recipe


-100 grams of wakame seaweed
-50 gr of fresh salmon, chopped into 1/2 cm cubes
-2 tbsp of masago (flying fish roe)
-1 TBS of mayonnaise (Japanese preferably)
-1 TBS of soy sauce
-1/2 cup avocado diced into 1/2 cm cubes
-Sesame seeds and avocado sliced for garnish Continue reading

Cups mascarpone custard and coffee flan

The base of the stand is a cake mold and below a white pot, both IKEA.

Eguski mascarpone cheese flan
(In Mercadona plastic cups took me 18:)
-500 gr. mascarpone cheese
-250 ml of milk.
-2 envelopes of curd
-180 Gr. of sugar
-1/2 litre of cream to mount
-Candy liquid for mould

coffee flan

Thermomix preparation:
We put all the ingredients into the bowl of the TH mix 10 sec. Vel. 4
We schedule 10 min. temp. 100th in vel. 3
We take in the caramelized mold, let cool to temp. environment and get to the refrigerator until set. Continue reading

Clouds with red sugar

The original idea was to paint a pirate patch to the clouds and nail but my edible markers are not very there, so I just did the sugar CAP and placed them as you can see.The stick is a paper straw, cut in half and so the sugar is pegase, I bathed with water slightly cloud and had sugar.

Clouds with red sugar

Bowl with sweets (Strawberry and cream and bricks)

-Water bottles

-I printed labels on label paper, cut and pasted into the bottles.

-The biggest table

-General view Continue reading

How to make Doowaps

Yes, “doowaps” that often nombrecito, to my I like more call them “muffins with chocolate chips”, long, but so we know what we’re talking about jjj… and who has the blame that it has made them?.. .for Yes, charge at home, my son, the other day I accompanied to make purchase and threw me a package from the “real” in the basket, and I told him nanai, industrial bakery that was and that I refused to buy it, in return, promised you that I prepare them is at home… so they have passed the days and it has not missed an afternoon in which Eloy told me that I promised (I do not) I remember that was a promise) do “doowaps”, so yesterday, the afternoon was to be at home, I started with the hands in the dough (and never better said) and according to my son, already he has forgiven me, because I’ve met! jjj and I think that by far because the buns that I bake did not have wings, but literally flew!…


I you only needed to find a good recipe, and I gave it on the blog of Olga, cooking with Kisa, where I took my double surprise, because I found the famous buns on the one hand, and how to prepare them, with my dear Chefomatic on the other, which was stored in the pantry now or poor I remember when… I promise that I will use it more nowespecially for dough.I’ve simply added more sugar, and vanilla. Continue reading

Authentic recipe for fritters of Valencia

Portions / number of people: 15
Preparation time: 120 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
Category: Desserts
Difficulty: Easy

In the fallas of Valencia, this dessert is one of the most claimed, but you know that you can do so at any time of the year, discover the authentic recipe for fritters of Valencia.

fritters of Valencia

-400g of pumpkin roasted in the oven with a little sugar
-25g of Baker’s yeast.
-100loose flour GR
-200Gr of flour bakery (strong)
-1pinch salt
-3liters of oil for frying
-Sugar for sprinkling on top Continue reading

How to prepare Gingerbreads

The gingerbreads are typical sweets of Galicia. They are a kind of small doughnuts covered with a glaze.

For the dough:
-3 egg yolks
-2 egg whites
-4 tablespoons melted butter
-3 tablespoons sugar


-250 gr. flour (indicative)
-Essence of anise
For glaze:
-250 gr. of sugar
-200 cc. water
-1 egg-white Continue reading

Hot Cross Buns

Sweet typical at Easter in England and other countries. It is very tasty.

Ingredients (12 units):
-30 g of lemon zest (1-2 lemons, yellow part only)
-30 g of sugar
-250 ml lukewarm milk
-70 g of butter at room temperature
-4 tbsp (2 envelopes) dried Baker’s yeast
-1 Egg
-1 and ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
-1 and ½ TSP of ground nutmeg nut
-½ teaspoon of ground cloves
-½ teaspoon ground ginger
-500 gr of flour strength (you can require a bit more according to flour)
-2 teaspoons salt
-170 grams of raisins

Hot Cross Buns

-80 gr of flour
-100 gr water
-A pinch of salt
-1 tablespoon of sunflower oil Continue reading

Lemon and chocolate cake…

The dessert of this weekend is “yellow”, as my kitchen, my blog and my state of mind. M A R I L L or!, because yellow is the Sun, which conveys so much positive energy and fills us with joy! (although here this week has shone by their absence), because yellow is cheerful and uplifting and because a house full of light is a warm home! and if to this we add that we chocolatiers and we love the lemon also, we have the perfect cocktail.

Lemon and chocolate cake.


Tart, has this contrast between the acid of lemon and sweet chocolate, which has enchanted us, so without more, I tell you how to prepare to surprise yours! Continue reading