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Noodles with shrimp and sauce shells

The noodles are not only cheap and delicious, but saviors. Surely more than one occasion has used them to get out of trouble and make a delicious dish on your table.If you did not have time to cook and you’re tired of the classic spaghetti bolognese or pesto, today I’ll give you two recipes that will help you much if you’re the people you love seafood.


¤100 grams of butter.
¤1 kg of noodles.
¤1 cup white sauce.
¤1 cup mayonnaise.
¤¼ tomato sauce.
¤1 Tbsp. chopped parsley.
¤Salt, pepper.
¤2 cups peeled shrimp.

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Noodle 3 delights


¤1 handful of rice noodles
¤1 red pepper
¤Fresh mushrooms
¤1 chicken breast
¤Soy sauce
¤Garlic (2 cloves)
¤Olive oil
¤Powdered ginger
¤Curry powder
¤1 cup chicken broth

Noodle Recipe

How to cook noodles to the wok is quick to prepare all the ingredients it before and we placed in small containers or on the cutting board, ready to add to wok. With this recipe are almost like Chinese.

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