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How to make a homemade dressing and lemon pepper

How to make a homemade dressing and lemon pepper. The dressing commercial and lemon pepper available in the spice section in most supermarkets is extremely popular for seasoning chicken and other foods. You can do it at home easily and the result will taste stronger and fresher.
Level of difficulty:Moderately Easy

1 fresh lemon 2 teaspoons black peppercorns Provisions Baking Trays.


how to make a homemade dressing


Remove the lemon peel carefully using a citrus grater or vegetable peeler. Remove only the yellow peel without touching the white membrane. Continue reading

How to make the meat falls off when you prepare pulled pork

The pulled pork is a dish popular and can be served as input principal or as part of a shredded beef sandwich. There are several ways to prepare it so that it is delicious and very tender. Usually cooked in a slow cooker but it can be done on the stove or in the oven. The pulled pork essential needs few ingredients and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less and achieves a delicious dinner option at low cost.


pulled pork
Slow Cooker 1 pork loin roast, about 4 pounds (1.8 kg) (with or without bone) 2 medium onions, thinly sliced 1 1/2 cups water or beef broth . Continue reading

How to cook paella

The paella is a dish of Spain which bears the main base cooked rice. Its origins come from the province of Valencia, where it was initially made ​​in a large skillet with handles which is popularly began calling “paella”. Thus, little by little they were adding other ingredients such as meat, sausage or the seafood of the region. The paella is so popular that is always present in any restaurant in the world that embodies Spanish food.


cook paella




Instructions for preparation



The paella pan is bigger, longer it takes to prepare.

With a knife log rabbit and chicken. Remove skin and season to your liking and then put it in a paella pan with olive oil to brown the meat. When you see that is already toast, move it to the ends leaving the center of the pan empty so you can put the other ingredients. Continue reading

How to prepare chicken paella

Paella is a dish Spanish that uses rice, broth and vegetables and meats that we have available in the kitchen. It is flavored with tomato, saffron, onion and garlic. Although you can prepare paella perfectly in a saucepan current, traditionally cooked in a paella pan, which is a large round pan that is used specifically to make paella.


chicken paella



Four tomatoes 550 grams of grilled chicken, boned and chopped strands of saffron Bay leaves Tomato paste One onion Two cloves of garlic olive oil salt pepper vegetable broth or chicken Spanish rice or other short-grain rice Casserole Parsley. Continue reading

How to bake pre-made burgers in the oven

Healthier than fritarlas and easier than grilling, baking pre-made frozen patties in the oven is a simple procedure that can feed the whole family in as little as half an hour. These frozen patties are made with ground beef and pre-molded can be cooked and enjoyed on a bun with fries to achieve a fast food style restaurant, or chopped and added to sauces or pasta dishes to provide a tasty meat flavor and a protein boost.

burgers in the oven



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 degrees C). Prepare a tray of cookies by spraying with nonstick cooking spray. Continue reading

Making grilled onions

Cook onions on a grill brings all its sweet and strong and cut the acidity that prevents many people enjoy this vegetable. Onions add flavor to grilled steaks, chicken and seafood, and complements many dishes as a garnish. Follow these steps to prepare a hearty grilled onions.

grilled onions



How to Roast onions
Peel the onions. Rinse to remove excess skin and dries to tapping. Continue reading

How to make a great opening for a restaurant

How to make a great opening for a restaurant. Spread the word when you’re opening a new restaurant in the city to increase interest and make your customers coming back. With some simple marketing strategies, you will be able to create a big buzz without spending a fortune in promotions.




Write a press release just to send to local newspapers and radio stations to promote the grand opening. He points out the ways in which your restaurant is different from other establishments in the area and outlines some of your specialties to attract customers. You can find an online template in Microsoft. Continue reading

What I can prepare dishes with burgers?

The burgers can be stored in the freezer for months and can be the centerpiece of proteins in a quick and easy meal. They can be seasoned to be used in many types of cuisine like Mexican and Italian and can be used as snacks. You can do more than a hamburger sandwich with burgers.

hamburger sandwich


The burgers can be a good addition of protein in pasta dishes. You can break the burgers and add a mushroom sauce over pasta and make a beef stroganoff. The burger also be the basis for making and meat sauce Bolognese call that you can use in lasagna, over pasta and a casserole. You can convert the hamburger meat in meatballs to serve a classic dish of spaghetti and meatballs or burgers break to add to the macaroni and cheese to give a twist to this classic dish.

Meat Loaf
The minced meat is the main ingredient in meatloaf. Mixed with tomato sauce, onion, bread crumbs and eggs, meat takes on a new and smooth texture. The meatloaf recipes can vary and combine different flavors and ingredients such as blue cheese or bacon stuffed tomatoes. It can also be combined with other meats such as beef and pork to give it more flavor and texture to the dish.
The hamburger meat seasoned with Mexican spices can be used as a filling for Mexican dishes like tacos, flautas, chimichangas and burritos. You can buy ready mixed taco seasoning or use cumin, chili powder and garlic powder to create a basic seasoning for hamburger meat. You can also fill a salad with cheese and seasoned hamburger meat to make a taco salad.

The hamburger meat is a main ingredient in many recipes for chili. The meat is sauteed and then cooked slowly in a tomato sauce with red beans and beans. You can add different spices to make a spicy Mexican style chili or you can make a smooth.

How to make a low carb lasagna

The lasagna is one of the best home cooked meals, but the original recipe contains many carbohydrates. Among the sauce and pasta, many of the people making a diet low in carbohydrates think the lasagna is prohibited. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make this meal permissible.

low carb lasagna



Dough Substitute for vegetable lasagna. You can use strips of eggplant or zucchini zucchini as alternatives. Both options have only 7 grams of carbohydrates per serving, while the lasagna pasta original 40 grams. Continue reading

What ingredients you need to make a pizza?

Although many fine dining restaurants and fast food chains offer pizza, can be relatively easy to make pizza at home. When making your own pizza you can customize with your ingredients and toppings, and control the calorie content, which can be useful if you are watching your weight. You should be able to find ingredients for the pizza at your local supermarket.

make a pizza

You can find the pizza dough in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. The choice of a thin crust may provide a pizza, New York style, thicker, but can not withstand a lot of ingredients and sauce, and can break while you eat. The mass of deep dish or style of Chicago , allows more room for the ingredients, but with more toppings, cheese and sauce can drive up the calorie count. If you make your own dough, the New York Times recommends using a mixture of bread and all-purpose flour. Continue reading