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Warming the chicken rice in the microwave

The next time you need to prepare a quick meal of rice and chicken, consider making it in the microwave. Save time by using leftover chicken or buy roast chicken from the supermarket and use instant rice instead of basmati or jasmine. Then, all you miss to do is look for some additions able to return two ingredients in one meal. The thick soup or sauce work well with the chicken rice, but do not forget to add flavor to the meat spice.

the chicken rice


Pour 1 1/2 cup instant rice in a large microwaveable bowl. Add 1 1/2 cup water and stir. Continue reading

Marinated chicken baked in milk

The baked chicken is a dish rich in protein, hearty and inexpensive, ideal for a lunch or dinner. Marinate before cooking fraternizer and give it a rich flavor. A marinade of milk will provide a creamy flavor and make it more juicy. The marinated chicken baked in milk has over 10 minutes of preparation and 30 minutes of baking. The basic recipe serves four breasts.

chicken baked

Mix the milk with the salt, lemon juice, coriander, crushed red pepper and garlic powder in a shallow bowl. Stir to incorporate the marinade ingredients. Continue reading

How to identify bad meat

Diseases due to food poisoning in disrepair, as caused by germs E. coli or salmonella, affecting millions of people annually in the U.S. Most of these cases occur as a result of eating bad meat. While even fresh meat may be infected, the chances of getting sick due to food poisoning increases exponentially as more time has meat. Learn how to tell if your meat has past can spare you the unpleasant effects of food poisoning.


Check the expiration date or time limit for the container sale. Believe it or not, selling meat after the sell-by date is not always illegal. If the deadline for selling the meat has been exceeded, do not buy it, no matter how low the price per kilo.

 identify bad meat

Check the color of the meat. It need not be more than the expiration date to be in poor condition, nor a different color mean it’s bad. Poultry in good condition can have a color that varies from a bluish white to yellow. Under optimal conditions, the raw pork has a grayish pink color. The ground beef can be tricky. Most people associate veal more fresh with a bright red color. However, the red color is not the natural color of fresh beef, but due to the exposure of the meat to air. If ground beef is vacuum packed and could isolate oxygen, lilac color would be red. Contrary to what people generally believe, the mere fact that the beef has turned brown does not mean it has been bad since. The meat of most old will be more darker than the meat of most young people. Also, sometimes a shop light can cause a reaction in the flesh, turning a brownish red. Continue reading

How to sculpt puffed rice snacks

Puffed rice snacks are a great way to make sculptures edible because they are flexible and can maintain her figure. Moreover, they are even more delicious than most fondue of sugar or gum paste. Malvabizco crunchy snacks can be used to create animals, shapes, characters, flowers, symbols and even words. These candies can be covered with a layer of colored edible marzipan or gum paste to completely hide the sweet underneath. You can also use puffed rice snacks to sculpt larger elements for cakes and other confections are having to completely rely on the edible mass.
puffed rice snacks



Empty pot in a relatively high puffed rice mixture while still hot to make a block as wide as possible so that you can easily sculpt. Let the sweet to cool before working with it.

2 Continue reading

How to Make a sauce of flour and fat

How to Make a sauce of flour and fat (roux). This is a mixture of flour and cooking fat, as oil plant , which is used to thicken sauces.
Difficulty level:Easy


Pour about ¼ cup oil in a small saucepan and bring durable medium heat.

When the oil is hot but not too, begins to mix the flour with a wooden spoon until the mixture is thick, similar to the texture of fresh concrete or plaster of Paris. Add more oil or flour until well.

flour and fat
Stir continuously with a wooden spoon over the fire to cook this mixture. The flour will slowly begin to brown. This preparation may be used when the flour has a soft gold. The darker it becomes, the more flavor will add to the sauce. However, no cook beyond a mahogany color. Continue reading

Chinese food options that less fat

From the steamed vegetables to grilled fish, it is difficult to find healthy options Chinese food . But mixed with these selections can be high in sodium sauces and crunchy snacks that are higher in fat. If you have made ​​a commitment to healthy eating, knowing what foods to eat and which to avoid Chinese can help you make decisions that do not bulge your waistline.s that are high in fat. If you have made a commitment to healthy eating, knowing what foods to eat and which to avoid Chinese can help you make decisions that do not bulge your waistline.

When it comes to snacks, avoid options such as egg rolls, fried dumplings or ribs, which tend to be high in fat or greasy. The site Penn Medicine’s Wellness and General Nutrition notes that egg wraps, wonton, hot and sour soups are hot alternative, tasty they are also low in fat.

Chinese food options that less fat


Steamed Rice
Chinese menus offer steamed or fried rice. The least fattening option is the first, says health syndicated columnist Charles Stuart Platkin in the Honolulu Advertiser. Preparing fried rice and egg oils, adding fat and calories. Order the steamed rice, which is not always available in restaurants, because it contains more fiber, which helps you feel full longer. Eat more steamed rice and less of your main course fills you note Penn Medicine, which can help you avoid overeating. Continue reading

How to prepare chicken salad with apple and walnut

Salad of chicken with apple and walnut is very good to serve it from a kids party as much as baby shower . Also nice to take her to a community meal or office party. Serve with horns or any other type of bread you choose. Prepare the salad the day before.
Level of difficulty:Easy

1 pound (453 g) cooked chicken breast 1/2 cup walnuts 2 red apples 1 stalk of celery.

chicken salad



Cover the nuts with a little canola oil and tuéstalas in the oven for three to five minutes at 350 º F (176 º C). Keep them under observation they can burn rapidly. Continue reading

How to replace the oven for tilapia fried

Tilapia has become a fish very popular in the culinary field, in recent years. Can be raised on farms as a greener option. Its flesh is pale and delicate with a subtle flavor that goes well with any recipe . Tilapia is low in fat, in particular if it is baked or fried. Baked Tilapia can be substituted for fried or sauteed tilapia to reduce total fat and calories.
Level of difficulty:Easy

Filet of tilapia Paper towels Salt, pepper and seasonings you want Fill spray cooking spray or olive oil.





Tilapia or pan uncovered

Removes moisture from the surface of the tilapia using paper towels. The filets lightly seasoned with salt and pepper or other herbs and seasonings to taste. Place the filets on a plate covered with paper towels. Continue reading

How I can replace ground beef in chili con carne?

A good and comforting bowl of chili is easy to prepare , satisfying and enjoyable any day of the week. Traditional recipes for chili con carne ground beef suggested as one of the ingredients principal. Instead of using ground beef you can substitute a meat of your choice that has good flavor and texture or you can use a version that is not with meat in your favorite chili recipe.

Turkey Chili
The ground turkey breast or roast turkey is a great substitute for ground beef in chili because it is lean and healthy meat option. The turkey is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than ground beef and adds flavor to the chili. A white chili can be made ​​using cannelloni beans and turkey instead of tomato sauce and ground beef.


beef in chili

Vegetarian Chili
The vegetarian chili is chili without meat, an option for vegetarians and those who prefer to eat less red meat. This includes beans, corn, squash, mushrooms, potatoes and tomatoes. For a vegetable chili a good mix corn and beans. This chili is easy and quick to do. Continue reading

How to make steak with pepper without being hard

The veal with peppers is a dinner plate with several options prepared steaks and various ingredients and vegetables, depending on your own preferences and drug plans. Cook beef with pepper without the hard or dried meat is possible with the proper preparation, monitoring and ingredients when cooking food.

1 pound (450 g) steak (round or flank) 1 tablespoon dry sherry 1 teaspoon sugar 1 tablespoon cornstarchFull list


How to make steak


Meat slices prepared by cutting 1/4 inch (0.6 cm) wide, cut against the direction of meat. By cutting in the direction of the meat, the meat can be left rough taste and appearance. Continue reading