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The best fruits for weight gain

For those who need to gain weight , add fruits rich in calories is a healthy way to do it, as it also provides much needed vitamins and minerals. Fruits can also be combined with other ingredients in shakes, smoothies, muffins or other recipes to further increase the total calories. Eat more fat varieties and you can reach your goal quickly.

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Avocados are actually fruits, not vegetables. Have a greater number of calories than any fruit, approximately 400 calories by avocado, with high fat content. They also contain about 20 vitamins. Avocados can be made guacamole and eaten with tortillas to increase your calorie intake even more, or added to salads, a sandwich of bacon, lettuce and tomato, burger or even a pineapple smoothie. Continue reading

Menus for fruit-only diet

Attention fruit lovers, this is the diet for you. ‘s diet 14 days of fruit is a diet plan that lets you eat all the fruit you want. This plan divides the fruit into four categories to guide you on what to choose during certain times of day. In addition to weight loss, some of the benefits of the diet of fruit include soft and smooth skin, regulating bowel movements, excessive excretion of sodium and joint pain relief.

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Fruit choice of four categories
Category 1: sweet fruits (grapes, pears, bananas, figs and dates) Category 2: semi-sweet fruits and acid (all other fruits except melons) Category 3: Melons Category 4: fruit for dinner (cucumbers, berries, tomatoes and peppers) Initially, do not mix the categories one, two and teas for breakfast or lunch. Mix fruit can cause indigestion and gas. If you have this problem, well mix. For dinner, choose only fruits category four. Avoid eating avocados during the day, as they are rich in fat. Instead, consume them in limited quantities at dinner. Continue reading

Frozen whipped fruit drinks

The whipped fruit frozen drinks are a way to add more fruit to your diet. The vibrant bright colors make funny these mixed sweets for children and aesthetically pleasing in a party atmosphere. If you have overripe fruit, frozen fruit drink can help reduce waste. The frozen fruit drinks include iced whipped and beaten for people of all ages, as daiquiris and margaritas for adults.

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Frozen fruit provides the proper consistency for a whipped frozen fruit beverage and reduce waste, since no frozen fruit turns bad. Looking for frozen fruit brands that do not contain sugar or corn syrup, high fructose. When you freeze yourself fruits, peel and cut into slices before putting them in the freezer so they are easier to work with. The ripe fruit is sweeter to taste. Add liquid to the blender before adding frozen fruit to get a better idea of the volume, since the frozen fruit drinks expand as they are mixed. You can adjust the volume and thickness of your drink by adding more fruit or liquid. When you’re done with the blender, fill it with water or wash it immediately to avoid a sticky paste that is difficult to clean later. Continue reading

Do diabetics should not eat raisins or dried dates?

According to the American Diabetes Association, there is still the myth that people with diabetes should avoid all fruits. Although natural sweet fruits contain more carbohydrates than non-starchy vegetables also provide the body with fiber, minerals and vitamins you need to stay healthy. However, if you choose very sweet fruits like raisins or dates, it is important to control the portion size. Use small amounts of chopped dates or raisins to enhance a baked dessert or even to flavor main dishes, instead of consuming these fruits as the main ingredient of your lunch or snack.

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General Information
In general, people with diabetes can choose lots of fruits that do not exceed 60 calories and 15 grams of carbohydrates according which is why you can eat as much fresh fruit juicy delight instead of sugar concentrated, such as dates, raisins, high in calories and carbohydrates. For example, 1 cup and 1/4 of watermelon fits parameters as a reasonable portion, however, you must reduce servings 2 tablespoons raisins and dates to 3 tablespoons to avoid excessive consumption of carbohydrates or calories. Continue reading

How to clean your stomach with fruit smoothies

If you’ve been eating a lot of junk food and feel the need to clean the stomach, then mix the right ingredients in a smoothie can help. Foods that are high in fiber, along with those who are rich in vitamins and minerals can help your digestive system in flushing toxins from your stomach because these same foods provide your body the food you need to feel safe and vital. Drink smoothies instead of eating a meal or as a snack in combination with a healthy eating plan.

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Place a cup of papaya on your shake. In addition to fighting cancer, papaya enzymes promote digestive health and cleanse your intestinal system. Continue reading

How to prepare a dessert frosting fruit gelatin

A glaze is a mixture of fruit sugar-based gel. Adding a glaze makes your brightest fruits and tempting, plus it gives sweetness. The frosting is commonly used in desserts such as fruit tarts or cakes topped with fruit, but can also be used on fruit alone. You can easily prepare frosting at home with just a few ingredients to give your desserts look and taste professional.

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1/2 cup sugar 1 cup fruit juice Medium saucepan Small container Full list


Mix 1/2 cup cup sugar and 1/2 fruit juice in a medium saucepan and simmer the mixture. You can use any type of fruit juice. However, keep in mind that the color and flavor of juice you use will affect the appearance and taste of your icing . Continue reading

How to make fruit soups

Nothing provides a tempting fresh cold fruit soup on a hot summer day, covered with delicate pieces of sponge cake or a delicious croutons sweet pound cake. It can be a delicious entree for your summer meal or a healthy dessert that will amaze your guests and make them think you’re taking a few classes secret gourmet food preparation.

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Prepare the base for your soup. This will create the mash flavor and texture underlying a soup. Melon is a good option , but use your creativity and choose a fruit full of flavor. Strawberries, watermelons, peaches and apricots create a refreshing basis. Continue reading

List of fruits and vegetables with high water content

Eating fruits and vegetables with high water content can help meet the nutritional recommendations and stay hydrated. If you do not take the recommended amount of water per day, fruits and vegetables can provide supplementary liquid, keeping you well-fed and healthy. Fruits and vegetables, to be rich in liquid content, are good choice for juice, snacks and diets.


Water is essential for plant growth, to reproduction and utilization of nutrients. As with humans, the water constitutes a substantial percentage of the total mass of a plant. Fruits and vegetables, which are usually the edible part of the plant, are considered as storage of water and nutrients. Depending on the type of plant, the water content in most fruits and vegetables is about 70 to 95 percent of its weight. Continue reading

List of citrus fruits

Found in tropical regions of the earth, citrus fruits are known to have many health benefits, from a high in vitamin C to a high detoxifying. Most citrus fruits can be eaten both raw and eating fruit squeezing the fruit to get the juice.

There are three main types of oranges: navel, Valencia and blood. One orange contains about two-thirds of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

citrus fruits

The kumquats grow on a bush that measures on average about 4 feet (120 cm) tall . Have an edible shell makes more sour fruit sweet. Continue reading

What fruits and vegetables are high in potassium besides bananas?

According to the Medical Library The Merck Manuals Online, potassium is a along with calcium, chloride, magnesium and sodium phosphate. Macroeconomics act as electrolytes, conducting electrical impulses to the body. They are necessary for the function of the bones, muscles, heart and brain and to maintain acid-base balance. A healthy diet that includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables can bring you the requirements of potassium daily.

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The National Institutes of Health indicate that among the fruits with good content of potassium include all citrus fruits, bananas , cantaloupe, figs, raspberries, strawberries, plums, kiwi, grapes, apricots, tomatoes and nuts. In some cases, dried fruit have more potassium than fresh. Examples of this are the apricots and prunes. For example, on the website The World’s Healthiest Foods indicates that a plum contains 113.52 mg of potassium and 1/4 cup prunes contains 316.63 mg.

Many vegetables are good source of potassium, such as greens, such as broccoli, Swiss chard, leaves mustard greens, green leaves of turnips, collard greens, kale and romaine lettuce. Also, like white beans, pinto and kidney that-shaped lentils and beans are rich in potassium. The potatoes and cucumbers are also good sources of potassium, especially if you eat with skin. Other vegetables that have this property are celery, peas, Brussels sprouts, beets, asparagus, peppers, cauliflower, squash, sweet potatoes, winter squashes and summer and eggplants.

Too much potassium is called hyperglycemia, lack excessive potassium is called hypoglycemia. The potassium balance is affected by the amounts of sodium and magnesium levels. According to the Medical Center of the University of Maryland, a diet high in salt can increase the need for potassium. Potassium is achieved usually in supplements and multivitamins component. But it will be best to consult your doctor before taking any supplements, since excess potassium is as dangerous as a high handicap.