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How do I mix a smoothie?

Whether you are looking for a nutritious meal or healthy snack after exercise , the shakes are one of the best options to get the fruit and vegetables that your body needs daily. You also get nutrients in milk, juice or yogurt mixed with what agricultural products. Choose fruits and vegetables based on your preference and nutritional benefits, like fruits high in fiber or vegetables that contain vitamin C. If you have a blender, make a smoothie is a simple way to maintain a healthy diet.

mix a smoothie

1 cup liquid (milk or juice) 1 cup vegetable fruit I A sweetener to taste Crushed ice (optional)Full list Continue reading

Cups mascarpone custard and coffee flan

The base of the stand is a cake mold and below a white pot, both IKEA.

Eguski mascarpone cheese flan
(In Mercadona plastic cups took me 18:)
-500 gr. mascarpone cheese
-250 ml of milk.
-2 envelopes of curd
-180 Gr. of sugar
-1/2 litre of cream to mount
-Candy liquid for mould

coffee flan

Thermomix preparation:
We put all the ingredients into the bowl of the TH mix 10 sec. Vel. 4
We schedule 10 min. temp. 100th in vel. 3
We take in the caramelized mold, let cool to temp. environment and get to the refrigerator until set. Continue reading

Coffee and Apple jam

I just put a recipe with Thermomix, can believe it you! The truth is that the soil use a lot, but have the habit of doing things by eye and I can’t stop to control time, or speeds, why I don’t put the recipes, I would not lead to confusion to the people who will lead therefore completely. But hey, today’s recipe is quite simple, who has not made Marmalade in TH?, so there is no risk.

coffee and apple jam

If anyone has a more controversial relationship with the coffee, that’s me! I don’t like coffee, I have never been able to take a single coffee, but something unusual! I love its flavor combined with other ingredients: in ice cream, with chocolate, cookies, biscuits, cakes and anything else you can imagine. Continue reading

A rich liquor for parties that lie ahead

I put the recipe for the liqueur coffee which is very easy and helps digestion…

Coffee liqueur

There is not a single recipe for its preparation, all have in common the brandy, sugar and coffee, but in every house is done in a proper way and add your special touch.

A rich liquor for parties that lie ahead

This is my recipe:

-½ litre of brandy
-150 cc. water
-150 Gr. of coffee (decaffeinated put)
-½ ounce of pure chocolate
-The skin of average lemon
-125 cc. water
-300 Gr. of sugar
-10 almonds unroasted Continue reading

Christmas punch with eggnog

This Christmas punch with eggnog flavored additionally with some orange liqueur. A dry white wine in a small saucepan, pour caramel syrup and add flavor with star anise, cloves and half a cinnamon stick. If you prefer sweet white wine, you can omit the caramel syrup, which, however, lost the light caramel note is that rounds off the Christmas punch with eggnog.


Add the white wine while stirring bring to a boil, switch back to low temperature and let the white wine take a few minutes to take full aroma of the spices. The spices are best removed with a strainer and pour eggnog in the white wine. Continue reading

Cod with carrot mousse

Cod with carrot cream tastes very juicy when using thick slices of cod, which are still surrounded by the skin. For the sauce 4 shallots, peel, halve lengthwise and fry in 10g butter. Add 4 tablespoons of milk and cream and bring to a boil. The cream sauce on medium heat reduce by half, or until the sauce is creamy and season lightly with salt and white pepper.


Meanwhile, peel carrots, dice and fry in 10g butter. Pour in vegetable broth, put on a lid and the carrots in about 15 minutes until soft. The carrots with pepper, salt and lemon juice puree and set aside. 80 g of cream until stiff and fold into the cooled slightly creamy carrot. 1 Peel the shallots and cut into fine dice. In a small saucepan 10 g butter miss, saute the shallots light deglaze with white wine and top with fish stock. The fish stock and bring to the boil take the pot off the stove. Flake the cod, rinse it with salt and fish sauce in about 8-10 minutes until done drag. Continue reading