Cake race cars

The other day was the birthday of the husband of my co-worker and as it is mechanical, I told him that a car cake would be good. My mother gave me in Kings, Planet Cake book came a cake that was going to or painted, so we talked about it and she, although he has made three cakes, wanted to do it with me, and I always do them alone, seemed like a good idea share an afternoon of fondant, had good, although the fondant at first resistedat the end we could with it. She brought the cake and ganache and home and between the two were all afternoon decorating and sight is the result which I hope you like it. The recipe for the cake is ‘Magic cakes’ blog and syrup is blog “The sweet victory”.Here I put the recetilla my colleague Ana continued to make the inside of the cake and what we use to decorate it.

Cake race cars


-6 eggs
-300 Gr. butter (t/WBA)
-300 Gr. sugar
-300 Gr. flour with yeast
-150 Gr. flour
-1 1/2 essence Princess

Syrup Princess:
-100 gr. sugar
-100 ml. sugar
-1 teaspoon essence Princess
-500 ml. cream
-500 gr. chocolate desserts Nestlé
-Fondant (black, blue, white, Orange, yellow, red and green)
-Edible varnish
-Edible glue

Prepare the cake:
1 Pour into the bowl of the Thermomix, butter and beat for 30 seconds, to speed 3 1/2.
2. Put Butterfly in the blades and adds sugar and program 5 minutes, speed 3 1/2. You will see that the mixture has bleached and has also increased its volume.
3 Put the machine to speed 2 and by the bocal sees putting eggs (whole) one to one, don’t put the next until the previous one is fully integrated.
4. Now add the chosen scent, in my case summary of vanilla and mix a few second to speed 2.
5 Will now schedule 3 speed 2 minutes so all integrate well and finish this time will the Thermomix to speed 2 and we’ll put very slowly flour to tablespoons by port, allowing time until a smooth cream.
6 Pour the mixture into the mould and move a bit to match. Baking and flat rise should be lining the pan with paper baking on the bottom and on the sides, grab a piece of tracing paper, make it a ball and put it under a faucet until it is well soaked, remove excess water and attach to the mould. It seems that the mass when you touch metal or cast glass is no longer climb that passes us rises only by the Center.
7. The oven should be preheated to 170 degrees and bake about 40 minutes are, click on the Center to know that is well done, let cool 5 minutes and unmold so that moisture does not spoil it, let it cool on a wire rack (this time is for a cake 4 eggs, but with 6 eggs has been almost 2 hours in the oven).

Preparation of syrup:
1. In a saucepan put boiling water together the sugar, stirring to dissolve the sugar when it begins to boil remove about 2 or 3 minutes more and depart the fire.
2 Add the essence and stir well.
Preparation of the ganache:
1 Put the chopped chocolate in a bowl.
2. Meanwhile, in a saucepan add the cream and put it on fire, when start to boil pour over chocolate and stir until you get a cream, leaving to cool until it has the consistency of nutella (very important to not put it in the fridge, let is cool at room temperature).

1 We cut the biscuits in the amount of disc you want and will disponiento on a thin base of cakes; a disc of sponge cake, we got wet in syrup and then the ganache and repeat the operation as many times as disc of sponge cake have.
2 We cover entire cake with ganache and let sit while we extend the light blue fondant to cover the cake, decoration as you can see in the photo.

I hope you enjoy it. Kisses, chocolates.