Burgers at home

Who does not think when I say we eat hamburgers, in those delightful mass of meat, bacon, egg, cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato (although many people removed from it), and other ingredients, which sold in restaurants junk food? But have been thinking that maybe we can do at home just as delicious if not better .Well, I give you my secret recipe. Bring paper and pencil to record, or what if we do them together . Okay, here we go.

We need

¤1 kilo of ground beef (I prefer to use special ground beef has less fat than normal, but not as dry as the steak).
¤2 raw eggs at room temperature.
¤1 small red onion diced very small.
¤Breadcrumbs in a quantity required (this depends on how wet we left the meat and egg size).
¤Salt and pepper to taste.
¤Additionally we can use bacon and cheese to give it another lonjitas flavor to the meat.


Well, we’ll start putting the meat in a bowl, and crushing with a fork to disarm. Then we take the eggs, one by one and we will mix with the meat. We take this step to add salt and pepper if desired and finely cortadito bacon. We now offer onion, remember that you must be very thin, not feel much when cooked hamburger.Let’s longing for a few bread crumbs, that is to form our burger and a bit dry. Here comes the fun part, you have to knead with hands until meat is no longer stick to your hands (for that is the bread crumbs), and we are going to shape our burgers. It is super easy, you make a ball, crush the ball, and put it in a pan with oil over medium heat.You have to flip to cook on both sides. Before we can put them out of a lonjita melted cheese on top. Now we can only imagination, we can put chips in a row, lettuce, fried egg on top and all that comes to mind. Bon Appetit.