Brown rice salad ..

It could be such in all mixed source and plan but it seemed so funny present, touch a tad different, but hey, in my line, without mystery.

Brown rice salad

Ingredients: * Lettuce * Chives * Cucumber * Tomato * Carrot * Red peppers * Brown rice * Black pepper * Garlic * mustard * Olive oil Vinegar of Modena. ‘s no secret.

Cutting is all vegetables for salad rather tiny if we put them into peppers. Boil the rice and once cooked, drain and cool with cool water. Add the rice to the salad .

prepare the seasoning, fry some garlic cut into cubes in olive oil, remove from heat and temper when we put a teaspoon of mustard, black pepper (to your taste) and balsamic vinegar. (One thing I do not use salt for salads, not like … just me … but if you use pon├ędsela now too) Beat and add to the salad .

Mix well. And we just fill the peppers with this mixture and ├▒ammmmmm yum!