How to Make a Ben cake

Are you looking to make a birthday cake for your little fan of Ben 10? You probably want to do something more than a regular cake with a picture of Ben 10 stuck in it, but perhaps you fear that you can not draw very well. Following these steps, you can design an image of Ben 10 and create a large cake that your child will love.

ben cake




Apply a thin layer of icing on the cake. Place the cake in the freezer for 10 minutes. This process is called “crumb coat” and makes the icing on the cake easier to harden.

While the cake is in the freezer, find and print a picture of Ben 10. Remember that this is the image you will use on the cake, so if you’re a beginner, the less detail you have the better. The image size must be adapted to the top of the cake.
Place the image below rice paper. Traces the image on rice paper using non-toxic crayons. Be sure not to forget any part of the image.

Cut around the traced image and put it on top of the cake, where you want to be the photo. Rice paper will dissolve in the glaze and does not affect its flavor.

Paint the outline of the image with glazed sleeve round toe.

Fill the image of Ben 10 with the sleeve pastry with star tip. Use frosting colors that match the image. Make him an edge of frosting around the cake for a decorative touch.