Beef Flambe

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In Argentina in recent times it has become fashionable to make some sandwiches beef flambeed for any celebration. There are several reasons for this boom, first is much cheaper to do a roast or any meat, because although you must use prime beef, the preparation has good yields, and when it comes to feed many people, that’s a good reason. Moreover not necessary plates, cutlery and service personnel, as the sandwiches are served in a paper napkin and is the same guest which prepares you to taste, at most are needed one or two people to fillet the Roast.

Beef Flambe

Depending on the number of guests, are prepared from smaller pieces of meat or pork beef, whole legs up as shown in the following picture:

In the picture above we can see three flaming legs at an event for 250 people in which I participate as an organizer. I can assure you it is quite a sight, as when entering the legs off local lights and enter them on fire, mounted on a trolley that passed among the guests, who are looking forward to the liquor consumed maintaining fire and start filleting meat to taste some delicious sandwiches.

The service is completed with a lot of breads such figazza cut in half and a group of diverse tastes sauces, whether spicy or not and optionally some raw vegetables or grilled. No doubt this increases the yield of meat, hence the preference for birthdays and all kinds of events.

This time I bring you a recipe that will allow us to reproduce this delicacy at home, with the same flavor that exists in professional events, surprising guests and friends who attend the family celebration.

MEAT Flambe:

It is important to purchase a good piece of beef, could be hip, eye round, sirloin or soft cut without much connective tissue (nerves).

In the particular case of this post as it was a family reunion and rarer cooked 700g of rump, with this amount of meat they can eat 5 people, with an estimated 4 to 5 sandwiches per person strong.

We start by seasoning the meat enough on both sides (let’s be generous with seasoning).
Then seal the meat on both sides in a skillet or griddle greased with oil, this is necessary in order to coagulate the protein surface before and bake achieve juicy meat after cooking:

Achieved sealing, had meat to pan, add thyme, rosemary and bay leaves perfume purposes. We overturn white or red wine at the base of the pan (I put 1/2 liter of a good cabernet sauvignon):

Cover with aluminum foil, in order to cook with the brazing technique (which involves cooking in a moist atmosphere and perfumed inside a closed container), and carry an oven at 180-200 ° C for 30-40 minutes:

After cooking, we remove the foil and spent another source meat dry.Sprinkle with a liquor of 40 ° alcohol or more, I used a Cuban rum. Set fire and hope that it is extinguished, leaving the smell of drink on the meat:
Now ready for filleting, look for a table nice and clean, fillet part with a sharp knife and bring it to the table, then everything else and must be served, sauces, bread cut in half, vegetables , drink and napkins, otherwise it will cool and interesting thing is that the diner gets hot. In the next picture you can see the doneness of meat, slightly pink and juicy:

In the photograph below the post you can see a table spread, as we are not necessary cutlery, and is eaten by hand, just put a few spoons sauces.

Sauces can be of various tastes and can be prepared in advance, covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator. When there are few prepared to eat me while cooking the meat, and the whole process takes an hour and a half (including the cooking of meat). You have to prepare some other spicy and non-spicy for those who do not like or can not eat spicy, also have the opportunity to taste these sandwiches with a rich beef flavor sauce modified.

It should be clear that you can use any sauce, either homemade or purchased from a simple to a barbecue mayonnaise, sour cream, tartar, Creole flavored mashed vegetables like garlic and green onion sauce, cheese sauce and blue cheese , etc. In the picture above shows a red onion relish, a flavored mayonnaise and barbecue purchased.


The service is very simple, each diner takes a pan and cut, opens it puts a few pieces of meat, the sauce is served at home and eat!