HAKE filled baked recipe

Portions / number of persons: 6
Preparation time: 60. minutes
Cooking time: 40. minutes
Category: Fish and seafood
Difficulty: Moderate

baked recipe

Hake filled is a comfortable option especially when you have guests at home, place it in the oven clearing the kitchen and taste fresh with proper care made without gait rush in the kitchen.

Supports any filler… as in this case with sea fruits or something more classic like serrano ham, sautéed mixed vegetables, or even a combination of sea and land with green asparagus and prawns…

We are the combinations are so varied that it is a shame to close to any other option that comes to mind.

-1Hake without spine tail
-125Gr. “Gula”
-125Gr. Mussels (weight without husk)
-125Gr. peeled prawns
-6surimi sticks
-Fresh spring onion
-A spoonful of flour
-A spoonful of good paprika
-A glass of milk
-Beer (can be replaced with wine white, champagne…)

Poach the fresh spring onion and add the tablespoon of flour and form a bechamel sauce with the milk that supports to make it thick. At that point add the rest of the ingredients of the filling (mussels, shrimp, chopped sticks and gulas) reserve.

Season the hake and arrange in a baking tray… place the stuffing already cold and tie so that you don’t lose the form (it could close with a few sticks that are less laborious).

Put beer lowered with a little water in the bottom of the Pan and watered a little bit above, reserve the rest to add in cooking in the oven.

Put a little oil on top and put in preheated oven monitor not stay without broth but without drowning… in our case we first put the furnace with bottom heat and air and then raise the temperature with heat up and down.

At the time that this fact make a garlic with garlic in foil and paprika over fish volcandola
Also could put a muslin of garlic or a mayonnaise gratinandola a little… but so very good and do not add many calories.

Each oven is different and cooking also depends on the piece but more or less would be about 40 minutes.

As the rear portion of the tail is made before it should be put at the beginning a little bit of albal so is the entire piece with the same point.

I precalentaria strong and early would put half down tray and heat down to about 180 degrees, and halfway through the cooking time more or less because it would change the tray a little more high and heat up and down to about 190 aprovechandolo to water it a little… already at the end Brown and put the garlic on top.

If we put the option of air water piece and monitor evaporation so not it from drying out too much.