Baked kale stew

Baked kale stew can be prepared very well. The thick stalks of kale pick, wash and blanch in boiling portions of water. Rinse with cold water. Green cabbage cut into fine strips. Missed in a large saucepan of goose fat. Dice the bacon and onion and fry in goose fat. Add kale and top with meat broth. Kale, mustard flavor. Smoked pork neck in slices on the kale.


A lid and cook on low setting kale. Meanwhile, peel the floury potatoes, cut into small pieces and cook until tender in a little salted water about 20 minutes. Mash potatoes with a potato masher or press through potato ricer. Stir in milk, egg yolks and 20 g butter. Mashed potatoes with pepper, salt and nutmeg. Meat from the pan and keep warm. Kale stew fill in a baking dish.

Mashed potatoes into a piping bag with a big splash and Sternentulle in rows on the kale stew. Top with pat of butter and bake in a preheated oven at 200 ° about 20 minutes until golden brown topping. Kale stew topped with smoked pork, or Puts ligands serve.


¤ 500 g Kale
¤ 10 g Goose fat
¤ 50 g Bacon, streaky
¤ 1 Onions
¤ 1 / 8 L Broth
¤ 1 tsp Mustard
¤ 400 g Smoked pork neck
¤ 500 g Potato, floury
¤ 6 tablespoons Milk
¤ 1 Yolk
¤ 20 g Butter
¤ Pepper, salt
¤ Nutmeg
¤ 20 g Butter

Serves 3 – 854 cal per serving, 30 mins Prep – 60 mins Total