Guisaillo of almond or alpujarrena soup


For approximately 4 servings

-800 Gr. of water or broth

-1 or 2 garlic

-1 large onion

-100 gr. of natural tomato puree or two medium tomatoes

-100 gr. of Virgin olive oil

-5 slices of bread

-a handful of almonds (50 Gr. aprox.)

-150 Gr. of diced ham


-a pinch of ground pepper

-2 or 3 eggs

alpujarrena soup


Put a little oil in a pan and fry the almonds and garlic, remove without oil to our Crusher tumbler, shred and reserve.

In the same frying almonds oil, fry the slices of bread. Remove and reserve.

Add the remaining oil and finely chopped onion, Saute with a pinch of salt, while the soft onion, add the tomato paste and sauté for a few minutes, and finally add the pieces of ham and saute so they loose a little of their juice (will not be too because it hardens), add water or hot broth and put over medium heat.

Cook the eggs in a small saucepan, remove and cool.

Cook for about 15 minutes and add the chopped garlic and almond, Cook another 5 minutes and add cooked or raw eggs * for Blanch in the broth.

** Eggs can drop them in the broth, raw and let that they cook for a few minutes until they are set.

Serve the soup with a slice of fried bread.


Put in jar the 100 gr. olive oil and add garlic and almonds, Schedule 7 min. 100th vel. 1. When complete, remove the oil from the jar and set aside. Crush the almonds and garlic 5 sec. Vel. 6, remove and reserve.

Without washing the glass, put the chopped onion and tomato puree and Schedule 10 sec. Vel. 5 (if you use fresh tomatoes cut in half, add them along with the onion and programmed 10 sec. vel 5 and climbed a few seconds up to vel. 10) *, add the oil that we have reserved and schedule 7 min. varoma vel. spoon., when the time has elapsed add the chopped ham and schedule 3 min. varoma vel. Spoon, when you finish the time, add the chopped garlic and almonds, water and a pinch of pepper.

Lay two eggs in the varoma receptacle, place it in your site and schedule 20 min. varoma vel. spoon.

We saltearemos a few slices of bread in a frying pan and serve accompanied by fried bread soup and chopped cooked eggs or poached eggs.

* In this way both as the tomato onion part of soup but not visible, but if we want to find pieces, simply do a shorter grinding.

Another way of making the soup – mixed Version

Fry the almonds, garlic and bread in a frying pan. Drain the oil and pour into the glass of the thermomix. Blend a few seconds Vel. 5. Remove and set aside.

In the oil that we have reserved, fry the onion and tomato, pour into the thermomix Bowl and crush Vel. 5 seconds. Add water, ham and the chopped and set 20 minutes at varoma temperature vel. spoon.